Our team has helped students achieve amazing results in multi-region application, including:

M.Y. University of Cambridge (Natural Science) & HKU (Medicine) + Columbia University with Science Research Fellow Award
D.W. University of Oxford (Law) + University of Pennsylvania
T.S. University of Cambridge (Law) + University of Chicago
I.W. London School of Economics (Law) + Cornell University & Duke University
W.C. University of Oxford (Bio-Chemistry) + Yale University
C.W. University of Cambridge (Natural Sciences) + Cornell University
M.N. London School of Economics (Law) + Brown University
F.Y. University of Cambridge (Law) + University of Pennsylvania


How we help



The ARCH consultants helped me to enhance my Personal Statement and profile greatly. As a candidate, I am certain that I was presented in the best light possible with the help of my tutors. My application before and after their counseling, l would not even have been comparable. I am particular grateful for their help with my Personal Statement - through providing me with background reading and assigning me excellent tutors. I was exposed to the topic of International Relations like I had never been before.

LSE offer holder in International Relations & Cornell University offer in Hotel Management

ARCH’s admissions counseling services are not just like any other services. It is tailor made to each and every individual, assessing the needs and augmenting the strengths. The services I received were unique - it combined expert guidance for both UK/US admissions. Beyond personal statements, the UK counseling strength lies in preparation for interview. Given the interview myth that surrounds Oxbridge interviews, ARCH gives one an idea of interviews, and more importantly guidelines for preparation. On the other hand, the US counseling services is of a completely different nature. Firstly, the speed and versatility provided by the US team is of extreme efficiency. Next, I have to applaud how the US counselors tailor each application to the applicant's nature. Another rewarding aspect is perhaps information that cannot be easily obtained by surfing the web - the strengths and atmosphere of each US college/university, the status quo and how an applicant would fit in.

Yale and Oxford offer holder

I engaged ARCH for its US consulting services in Year 11 (Grade 10) for my daughter who is studying at a local international school. The global team with counselors based in the US gave insightful college-specific advice, always keeping an international perspective. There was ongoing consultation with the ARCH team throughout, including regular routine updates and ad hoc enquiries. Response time is fast and never beyond a day. 

At the end of Year 12 (Grade 11), I engaged ARCH to provide UK college consultancy. The holistic and interactive nature of ARCH’s cross-border advice ensured the best possible college outcome for my daughter; it also proved to be time and effort-efficient. My daughter received the highest quality advice from both consultants (US and UK) in their respective countries of specialisation.

ARCH’s consulting advice was specially invaluable in Year 13 (Grade 12): choice of teachers for recommendation and the drafting of self-profile to supplement teachers’ understanding, discussions regarding the merits of having other recommendations. The important task of brainstorming and editing the numerous personal statements and supplements was conducted with skill and sensitivity, a timeline was set well in advance and deadlines were met with prompting and reminders. 

The college application process is grueling for the student and the parents. I have entrusted the advisory role to a team that is far more patient and knowledgeable than I can ever hope to be. My daughter got into her first choice program at her dream college and that is due, in large measure, to ARCH’s mentorship and skilful guidance. As a bonus, she has the opportunity of observing first-hand the culture of commitment and professionalism that the ARCH team has demonstrated throughout the 2.5 years. I am one grateful parent!

Parent of Sophie
Cornell University and Offer from London School of Economics