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With the oldest boarding school founded in 597 AD, UK has had a long history of providing quality education to scholars, both local and international. The 700+ boarding schools vary widely in culture and structure; and excel in many areas of academic strength and extra offerings. 

Speak to us to learn more about the merits of UK boarding school; and how to be well prepared for the varied assessments so you/your child may land an offer from the “right” school of choice!

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Success Stories

Our students have achieved amazing results and gained admission to the following top UK boarding schools.


Students' Successful Pathways to Oxbridge

From Local School to Benenden to Oxford

By A.H.

I have started attending ARCH since 2011. Started off participating in ARCH’s Socrates and its creative writing programme, ARCH has already distinguished itself from any other tutorial centres with its interactive and rewarding learning experience that I’ve got.
I then successfully applied to Benenden School, a top UK girls boarding school, with a scholarship through ARCH. And I’m proud to say that ARCH’s support to my academic life didn’t stop there – ARCH also helped me make my Oxford dream into reality. My experience at ARCH can be summed up with three words - ‘Understanding, Attentive, Comprehensive’. To me, ARCH is way more than just an educational institute, it is a place where my academic interests are sparked, a place that witnessed and assisted my transformation throughout my academic journey. After spending more than 6 years attending ARCH’s lessons, I am confident in saying that every single teacher put every student’s interest to heart.
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How I Got into Cambridge Law

By K.W.

Back in 2011 when I was Form 3, I first participated in ARCH’s Socrates program. Socrates classes have taught me how to think out of the box and gave me a diverse perspective of the world which conventional education lacks.
I also joined ARCH’s debate and mock trial classes which gave me fundamental techniques and more importantly immense confidence when I later represented my school in inter-school competitions. In the following summer, ARCH gave me the opportunity to join a Law Summer Program at Oxford which further sparked my academic interest in Law. From interview preparation to aptitude test training, ARCH has identified my strengths and needs and tailor-made programs that best suit me. ARCH’s personal approach also gave me extra confidence and reassurance during my application process and led me to actualize my dream of getting into Cambridge.
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Whilst Oxford and Cambridge are reputed for their traditions and academic rigor, the top 10 universities in the UK are equally competitive, especially if you were applying for select professional subjects including Medicine, Law, Architecture, Engineering etc.

Our team of 80+ consultants and discipline specific tutors has successfully guided students to achieve 92 Oxbridge, 200+ Medicine and 300+ London university offers, breaking record for every cohort. Speak to us as we will analyze your long term aspiration, guide you to seek academic passion and identify any gaps that you may wish to bridge in order to maximize the chance for success!

How We Help


Success Stories

Our students have achieved amazing results and gained admission to top UK universities! The most popular university destinations include:


Outstanding Admissions Results in the Past Years

Oxford & Cambridge Offers

(estimated 1 out of 3 HK domiciled students)

Oxford & Cambridge Interview Invites

(across 20+ subjects)

Medicine (non-EU) & Top 10 UK University Law Offers

London University Offers

(LSE, UCL, KCL & Imperial)


Want to enhance your profile, specialize or delve further into a subject? Masters and professional conversions are becoming a popular next step for many undergraduates.

Speak to us! We have extensive experience supporting undergraduates applying to the Top 10 most popular (and competitive) Masters programs in the UK. We also offer comprehensive support for professional and/or conversion courses, including Law conversion and graduate medical programs.

How We Help

Success Stories

Our students have achieved amazing results and gained admission to the following top UK graduate schools in 2011-16!



for ages 8-16

Skill-based courses that help students improve on the four skills tested by UKiset: Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English skills.

Pre-Test & Common Entrance

for ages 8-16

  • Covers both Comprehension and Writing tasks; periodic assessments to track progress
  • Hone reading skills including analysing a variety of texts critically, infer meaning, identify and comment on the effectiveness of writers’ use of language; as well as writing skills across multiple genres

Boarding School Maths

for ages 11-13

Comprehensive coverage of exam syllabus including latest changes; Periodic assessments to gauge students’ progress across all areas of UK Maths.

University Aptitude Test Preparation

for ages 16-18

Skill-based courses and 1-on-1 classes  to cover: BMAT, ELAT, HAT, LNAT, PAT, STEP, TSA, UKCAT and the recently introduced Cambridge admissions tests.


The excellent comments and thorough guidance I obtained made the application process much less daunting. I would definitely not have been able to obtain an offer from my dream college without ARCH's help!

Cambridge Law & University of Pennsylvania acceptance

ARCH provided all-rounded guidance in every element of the application process.  Both my academic and presentation ability was greatly enhanced through tailor-made sessions, and the intensiveness and effectiveness of all work were impressive. The tutors, Oxbridge alumni or students, truly understood my needs and shared with me their invaluable experiences.  All these made my application a really fruitful process with a successful outcome. I am so grateful that ARCH encouraged me to start this journey and offered the most appropriate support. 

Cambridge offer holder in Economics