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The US system provides students with a more holistic education, one based on academics, but also on personal growth. Our international team with 30+ years of combined experience works with students to enhance their extra-curricular profile in order to show off a diverse range of activities but also a clear passion. Given the complexities of the US  system, we work closely with our students and parents on all aspects of the application, from start to finish, from standardized test scores to interview preparation.

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University of Pennsylvania

US Boarding School > US Ivy League UPenn

K.C. started our counseling program with us in Grade 10, starting with an A- grade point average and a few key ECAs in art and sports. Our assistance involved guiding her to  develop leadership in her clubs expand her passion in art. In the area of test prep, we advised her to switch from taking the SAT to the ACT, after identifying weaknesses in her SAT score. With a final ACT score of 33 and a heartfelt personal statement about her relationship with her father, we suggested she apply to UPenn as an ED school. Best of luck at UPenn, K.C.!

Boarding School


Acceptance from Phillips Andover, Choate & Deerfield Academy

HK international school > US boarding school

We began our counseling program  with C.C. more than year before her application year (total of two academic years). She was mature and had some passions and interests, but none were high impact. She had musical interests and had earned ABSRM Grade 8 in piano and voice. Despite the time invested, piano is considered a low impact activity. We encouraged her to build her vocal portfolio to high impact with private lessons and recommended a prestigious young vocal artists summer program in the US. She was athletic and had general experiences in multiple sports, but none were impactful. She had a strong interest in recreational alpine skiing and played a bit of competitive tennis. We encouraged her to join the Hong Kong junior tennis squad training to compete and recommended a competitive ski racing camps in the US. She enjoyed debate and had a strong commitment to community service for which we suggested C.C. to demonstrate these interests in application essays and interview preparation. Her SSAT score started at 85% and final score was 98%. At application time, she had earned all A’s on her grade reports.



Brown University

US Boarding School > US Ivy League BrownU

We worked with E.M. for 4 years, supporting her through her transition from Hong Kong to US Boarding School, then on to US University. With a solid GPA and a few key ECAs in arts, music, and service, she was a strong candidate. Our guidance motivated her to seek leadership in her application and also explore her unique passion in neurology. In addition to adding research experience to her application in the field of neurology, we also balanced her application by strengthening her interest in the arts.  We also helped structure her test prep timeline and were able to help identify a topic for a riveting personal statement about her social development.

Boarding School

Our Hong Kong and US based boarding school counseling team has over 30 years of experience in US boarding schools. Our staff has attended, worked at and been parents of students at US Boarding schools, uniquely positioning ARCH as an established expert in understanding the complexities of the boarding school admissions counseling field.

In addition, each year we visit numerous boarding schools, talk with the admission offices to learn about the latest programs, initiatives and opportunities to provide our students with valuable first hand up to date information.

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100% of our full consultation students have received offers from top schools in 2015-2018 including Andover, Choate, Deerfield, Exeter, Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, Milton, St. Paul’s and more!


What to expect when you first arrive boarding school?

by S.L.

The first term of boarding school will be nerve-wracking, but it will also be lots of fun!
During the first couple of days of school, remember to be nice and genuine to everyone you meet, and know that your classmates are as nervous as you are - you're not alone. Also get involved in activities you are interested in early. That way, apart from studying, you can also have meaningful fun and meet like minded peers. It's always great to have friends in your dorm who can have your back (who you can also share popcorn with at 11pm), so don't be shy and say hi to that upperclassman you've been seeing around the dorm. Finally, classes will be challenging, especially during the first few weeks. Hang in there, work hard, and do your work (this is a must)! If you are struggling, don't hesitate to reach out to your teacher, or your advisor, or any adult. They will be more than glad to help you out and give you some pointers.
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Tips for Prospective Boarding School Students

by J.K.

1) Compare yourself to others in a healthy way: At a school as large as Andover, there’s always going to be someone better than you at nearly everything. There will be people who get better grades than you, are in more clubs than you, speak more languages than you, are better at instruments than you, and are on sports teams better than yours. Don’t let that get you down. Instead, identify what you are good at and recognize that you don’t have to the best at something in order to reach your goal, whatever it may be. As long as you’re confident in your own abilities, you can take anything on. 2) Have self-discipline: At Andover, there won’t be parents or teachers constantly reminding you to stay on task. Instead, you must be the one keeping yourself in check. Whether you do your homework in advance, last minute or not at all, whether you study for tests or decide to “wing” them, and whether or not you skip sports or club meetings solely depends on your self-motivation.
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ARCH Education is Hong Kong’s foremost independent educational consultancy. we has combined 30 years of experience helping families from Hong Kong, Asia, and America navigate the college admissions landscape.

With more than 94% of our students having received offers from the Ivy League and Top 30 US Universities in 2018-2019, our results tell a compelling story. However, it is through telling their own compelling story that truly empowers our students to reach their goals. The ARCH Team thrives on collaboration, a cornerstone to effective education. we work with students to identify their strengths and challenges. We provide suggestions for enhancement and strategies for students to effectively present their own unique story to the admission committee. 

>> Schedule a 1-on-1 consultation meeting with our team of US consultants to prepare ahead!

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Over the years, our students have been accepted by the following schools:



If you are thinking about transferring, you are not alone.
If you are thinking about transferring, you are not alone. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, based on data in a report released by the National Student Clearinghouse and Research Center, 1/3 of all students transfer institutions at least one time before earning a degree. This same report surveyed college admission officers asking them what qualities they look for in most in transfer applicants, their response was the following: “The postsecondary grade point average is clearly the most important factor for transfer admission.” Whether students realize their current school is not a good fit, or they did not get admitted to their top choice school initially, ARCH readily works with students who have proven academic results at their current institution and wish to transfer.
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For prospective applicants seeking enrollment at top graduate schools in the US in the fields of law, business, medicine, science, international affairs/policy, engineering or the arts, ARCH offers comprehensive guidance for preparation into competitive programs. Over the years, our team has successfully placed 100% of its US graduate school consultation applicants at renowned US graduate programs.

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Success Stories

Over the years, our students have been accepted by the following schools:




for ages 11-14

  • Prepares students for the SSAT standardized test (required for admissions to select US high schools, talented youth programs, and boarding schools)
  • Subjects covered: Verbal Analogies, Critical Reading, and Quantitative sections of the test
  • Course includes 2 mock tests

SAT Prep

for ages 14-17

  • Subjects covered: Reading, Writing & Language, and Math sections of the test 
  • Particular emphasis on Reading and Writing & Language sections
  • Course includes 2 mock tests

ACT Prep

for ages 14-17

  • Subjects covered: English, Reading, Math, Science, and Writing sections of the test
  • Particular emphasis is placed on English and Reading sections
  • Course includes 2 mock tests

*NEW!* Drills Course

for ages 11-17

  • For students who have already demonstrated strong familiarity with test theory
  • Exposes students to thousands of SSAT/SAT/ACT questions, which they do in class
  • Deep emphasis on learning from mistakes with instant feedback from instructor
  • Condenses months of test practice into just 2 weeks!

*NEW!* Vocabulary Builder

for ages 10-14

  • Building vocabulary to improve your English and SSAT score! 
  • Rigorous and effective methods to learn 2,400+ words 
  • Academic and fun quiz activities to help improve reading, writing and speaking all at once!
  • 3 levels (2 weeks per level) – Beginner, Intermediate, Advance
  • 800+ words per level, 20 hours of instruction


ARCH helped me identify my strengths, interests and hobbies and encouraged me to develop them into solid extracurricular activities. ARCH provided a lot of guidance, especially helped me understand the interview mentality which encouraged me to self-reflect on my experiences, achievements and how I wanted to present myself.

Acceptance from Choate, Kent, Lawrenceville, St. Paul’s & Taft

Thank you so much for all the support and help you have given me throughout this roller coaster of an experience. I can safely say that I would not have gotten to this stage without you guys. Thanks so much again for helping me realize this dream!

Columbia Law School

My daughter got into her first choice program at her dream college and that is due, in large measure, to ARCH’s mentorship and skillful guidance. As a bonus, she had the opportunity of observing first-hand the culture of commitment and professionalism that the ARCH team has demonstrated throughout 2.5 years. I am one grateful parent!

Parent of S.C.
Cornell University

My fiancé and I came to ARCH with high ambitions, but not a lot of potential for top MBA admissions. ARCH showed us how to advance our case through both short- and long-term planning and refined our school choices to maximize chances of dual admission for me and my fiancé.  Today, we are heading to Yale School of Management together – a Yale couple!

T. & Y. M.
Yale School of Management