2017/18 Oxbridge Admission Result

Posted On 14.03.2018 | Arch Sharing

Despite increased competition and universities’ focus on state school recruitment, ARCH students have achieved 20 Oxbridge offers across 10+ subjects; plus 120+ offers from Top 4 London universities (LSE, UCL, KCL, Imperial)!

Testament to our students’ efforts and the ARCH team’s proven success in providing the most comprehensive preparation!

• 140+ Oxbridge & Top 4 London Universities (LSE, Imperial, UCL, KCL) offers
• 60+ Medicine offers
• 80+ Top 8 Law School offers

Student University Subject
C.W. Cambridge Engineering
D.T. Cambridge Land Economy
H.K. Oxford PPE
J.L. Oxford Maths
J.Y. Oxford Law
K.W. Oxford Psychology
L.C. Cambridge HSPS
M.H. Oxford Law
M.K. Cambridge Engineering
N.L. Cambridge Vet Medicine
N.W. Oxford Material Science
R.W. Cambridge Land Economy
S.L. Cambridge Law
S.N. Cambridge Land Economy
S.P. Oxford PPE
S.T. Cambridge Law
T.D. Cambridge Land Economy
T.S. Cambridge HSPS
W.B. Cambridge Classics
W.C. Cambridge Computer Science

"For 18 months, [J.Y.] engaged in the process - from selection of IBDP subjects, faculties and universities, personal statement drafting, extended essay and interview prep - all are integral part of her success in getting a conditional offer from Oxford Laws faculty now. I was particularly impressed about ARCH's ability to mobilise a team of experienced consultants for interview prep within 10 days. I'd like to extend my heartfelt thank ARCH team in supporting [J.Y.] throughout the process. My whole family was overjoyed with the outcome!” Parent of J.Y.

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