2017/18 US University Admissions Results

Posted On 16.04.2018 | Arch Sharing

ARCH US Admissions Counseling Team is excited to announce our incredible 2017-18 US university admissions results!

Congratulations to ARCH students on receiving acceptances from top US universities including Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Yale University, Cornell University and more!

Our global admissions guidance team has helped students prepare for the increasingly competitive admissions process this year and we’re so proud to have guided our students to receiving multiple acceptances and scholarships from top schools! We’re pleased to announce that 84% of our students received offers from Ivy League, Top 30, or First Choice universities and graduate schools.


Babson College (1) Parsons School of Design (1)
Boston College (1) Pomona College (1)
Boston University (12) Rice University (2)
Carnegie Mellon University (1) Stanford University (2)
Claremont McKenna College (1) Tufts University (1)
Cornell University (2) University of California - Berkeley (6)
Dartmouth College (1) University of California - Los Angeles (10)
Emory University (1) University of Chicago (3)
Georgetown University (1) University of Michigan (7)
Georgia Institute of Technology (5) University of Pennsylvania (6)
Harvard University (1) University of Rochester
Harvey Mudd College (1) University of Southern California (4)
Haverford College (1) Vanderbilt University (1)
Johns Hopkins University (1) Vassar College (1)
Middlebury College (1) Washington University in St. Louis (3)
New York University (9) Wellesley College (1)
Northeastern University (9) Wesleyan University (1)


Columbia University (1) University of Southern California (1)
Harvard University (1) Yale University (1)
University of Pennsylvania (1)  

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