2018 Summer: The "ARCH PATHWAY" Talk Series

Posted On 21.05.2018 | Arch Sharing

Over the past 9 years, ARCH has successfully guided 1,000+ students into top UK and US schools and universities. What are the common traits for success? How to differentiate each student? What are the key decisions one needs to make? Each student is unique. Each pathway is different. ARCH case studies will show how we leverage our 5 divisions to support your child by carving out a tailored PATHWAY! Join us for the talks!

Venue: ARCH Education, 2/F Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

May 6: Local vs International vs Boarding Schools - Which System Suits Your Child Best?
May 19: Top UK & US University Admissions: Latest Results, Trends & Highlights
May 26: Applying International / Boarding Schools - How to Prepare in 2 Years?
Jun 2: IBMYP to IBDP: Prepare for Transition
Jun 23: IB | IGSCE | AL | AP -  How to Choose the Right Currirculum & Subjects?
Jun 30: Seek Alternatives Post Exams? 1 Year Fast Track into Top Universities!
Jul 7: Aim Higher: Accurately Targeting UK University Course Aspirations
Aug 18: How are "Skills" Nurtured and Assessed in IB, UK & US Curriculums?


Note: Event dates and topics may subject to change without prior notice.