STAY ON TRACK WHILE AT HOME – Enjoy the Intensive Online Packages NOW!

Posted On 11.02.2020 | New Offerings

Keep on learning from home! In view of extended school holiday, ARCH’s faculty is here to put students on track with their school subjects and also excel in upcoming exams!

We offer online packages for different age groups to facilitate students’ needs. All lessons are one-on-one and taught by our qualified and experienced tutors. Limited time offer until May 31 - join our packages to enjoy up to 50% discount* now!

English Intensive Package

Academic Tutoring Package

Intensive Test Prep Package

1) 10 hours $7,000 ($700/hr)
2) 30 hours $18,000 ($600/hr)
3) 50 hours $29,000 ($580/hr)
1) 10 hours $7,000 ($700/hr)
2) 30 hours $18,000 ($600/hr)
3) 50 hours $29,000 ($580/hr)
1) 10 hours $7,800 ($780/hr)
2) 30 hours $21,000 ($700/hr)
3) 50 hours $34,000 ($680/hr)

For primary & secondary school students - upgrade your English skills at home with ARCH’s team of English Language Specialists!

With structured materials, our instructors will keep you ahead of the learning curve with the following:

  • Test focused materials aimed at UK, US and HK student levels
  • Reading and comprehension to upgrade your grammar and language skills
  • Writing homework designed for every lesson
  • Practice discussion with native English instructors
  • Periodic assessments to maintain learning momentum

Catch up with your learning progress - Sign up 1-on-1 online tutoring with our subject tutors!


Public exam drilling^ with FREE mock paper and assessment feedback from our tutors!

^Public exams include IBDP, (I)GCSE, A Level, AP, ACT, SAT, SSAT and Common Entrance.


*Terms & conditions apply. Tutor assignment is at ARCH's discretion.
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