New Offering: Term Break Intensive Courses

Posted On 26.09.2018 | New Offerings

The Oct term break (Oct 15th to Oct 19th) is coming soon. The following special programs are designed for students of different grades to experience a fruitful week at ARCH!


Debate Program

Taught by Debate Coach & Selector of Hong Kong Debate Team, students will learn the necessary consolidation skills to help them excel at debating.


SSAT and SAT boot camps

The exam dates for SSAT and SAT are fast approaching! Students will have the chance to get last minute help from our boot camps to boost up the scores. Four full-length mock tests are being offered by our US test prep specialists.  Join the camps and gain insights into your readiness for Test Day.


STEM Superpowers Camp (for G2/Y3 - G5/Y6) | Science Pirate Camp (for K3/Y1 - G1/Y2)

MiniCamp@ARCH will provide a week of intensive enrichment experiences for students to learn about interesting and unique subjects that are not readily offered in Hong Kong. Using American designed curriculum, students will engage in stimulating and creative classes to apply real world applications such as STEM projects, demonstrating the perfect illustration of STEM education brought to life.


Public Speaking Course 

 Public Speaking level 1 (for ages 9 - 10)

Our students will crawl under the skin of a character. By learning the basics of posture, volume, fluency, students will present interactively and engage the audience. They will improve their skills by presenting a monologue, followed by a personal story.

Public Speaking level 2 (for ages 11 - 12)

Our students will become broadcasters. In the first unit, they will create a news broadcast and present news items and informative stories. Then, students will make an infomercial aim at persuading the audience to buy a product. In the process, they will learn the basics of posture, volume and tone.

Dates: Oct 15 (Mon) - Oct 19 (Fri)