Jennifer Yu

Columbia University

Jennifer Yu attended German Swiss International School and Choate Rosemary Hall, the well-known preparatory school in the United States. She graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a degree in Industrial Engineering Operations Research and a minor in Economics. While at Columbia University, Jennifer demonstrated many diverse and creative talents. She led a number of student groups and activities, including producing the then largest culture and fashion show. She also received corporate recognition for an engineering project in gaming inventions and earned a design license for Columbia. 

Upon graduation, Jennifer accepted an analyst position at JPMorgan. She then spent 7 years in the investment banking industry and was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in the Fixed Income Currency and Commodities division.
Throughout the years, Jennifer took an interest in students training. In addition to her business responsibilities, she had extensive experience in recruitment and leading summer internship programs as divisional program champion, including conducting interviews, training students, designing program structure and assessment. These engagements helped foster her enthusiasm and ideas for helping young people through education, and inspired her to co-found ARCH Academy. As a graduate from both an elite boarding school and Ivy League university, Jennifer brings a lot of valuable personal experience to share with her students. 
In the past five years, Jennifer has spoken in a number of education forums hosted by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, HKU, General Assembly, and Victoria Shanghai Academy. Jennifer is currently an active member of the Columbia University Alumni Representative Committee and a Committee Member of the Hong Kong Choate Club.