MiniCamp@ARCH #1: Science Pirate Camp


Introducing MiniCamp@ARCH! Beginning summer 2017 ARCH will provide fun intensive enrichment experiences for students in grades 1 to 9 to enjoy learning about interesting and unique subjects that are not readily offered in Hong Kong. Using the US designed curriculum, students will engage in stimulating and creative classes to apply real world applications such as STEM projects, demonstrating the perfect illustration of STEM education brought to life. 

MiniCamp@ARCH #1: How much science does it take to be a pirate?

As students transform into pirates, they work together to navigate the high seas.  Each day begins with a story that sets the scene and engages the student’s senses, curiosity and critical thinking. Just like “real” pirates, students must work together with their crew to accomplish challenging tasks! Through STEM-focused science experiments, hands-on engineering design activities, and collaborative learning, students experience just how much science and engineering it takes to be a pirate! Adventure and treasure awaits your child – by the end of the Pirate Camp, they’ll be singing, “Yo ho ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me!”

  • 1-week intensive enrichment experience
  •  US designed curriculum: STEM-focused science experiments
  •  Hands-on engineering design activities and collaborative learning
  •  Build a catapult, tie knots, make maps and find the hidden treasure
Suitable for Students entering Grades 2 or 3 in Fall 2017
Dates 19-23 June, 2017 (5 lessons)
Sessions AM: 10:30-12:30  or  PM: 14:00-16:00
Early Bird Offer    HK$3,800 (regular fee: HK$4,300)
Venue ARCH Education
RSVP / 3568-0406