RSVP: The 5 major academic gaps students face in schools


Learn from ARCH case studies: The 5 major academic gaps students face in schools, that impact their future transition and success!

  •   Maths: Gaps between Asian and Western approaches!
  •   Sciences: Aspects that are not covered at school, but are critical in exams!
  •   Chinese: Setting foundation for higher level success – compulsory at IB and DSE!
  •   English: ESL vs EFL – striking balance between “Grammar Sheets” and “Immersive Native” learning!
  •   Skill based training – Research, Project based, Presentations for ALL curriculums!


Date:   Dec 10 (Sun)
Time:  12:00 – 13:30 
Venue:  ARCH Education
​Speakers:    Ms Jennifer Ma, Founder & Director of ARCH Education
Mr Alex Cheng, Director of Academic Center for Excellence
Dr Tony Song, Sciences Specialist
Ms Pearl Li, Chinese Specialist
RSVP: | +852 3568 0406