RSVP: For Weak & Strong Candidates: Different ways to pursue top professional subjects


Medicine, Law, Engineering, Architecture are the core subject strength of the ARCH admissions guidance team!

Come learn from our case studies on how our faculty (of former & current doctors, lawyers and bankers turned educators) help “weak” and “mediocre” students fulfill their ambition, whilst maximizing the “strong” candidates’ chances for success! What are the latest requirements and how to navigate the complicated process?

Hong Kong students in this day and age face an incredible amount of academic pressure both in school and out. UNICEF Hong Kong has revealed that 90% of students suffer from academic stress. Join us to learn how this can affect our children, and what you can do to help your teen navigate this tough academic environment in a healthy way.

Speaker: Jennifer Ma
Founder & Director of ARCH Education
Jennifer graduated from the University of Oxford with First Class Honours in Economics and Management. She achieved her Masters in Education at the University of Hong Kong and is the co-author of the Best Seller “Boarding Schools: All You Need To Know”. Together with Jennifer Yu, Jennifer leads the ARCH consultation teams which specialize in applications to top boarding schools and universities in UK, US and HK; achieving impressive record breaking results over the years.

Speaker: Katrina Rozga
Associate Clinician of Jadis Blurton Centre
Katrina is a Canadian clinician with a Masters of Counselling in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary in Canada. She also holds an Honors Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She has worked with adults, adolescents and children of diverse ages and backgrounds on a variety of psychological issues including, depression, anxiety, bullying, self-esteem and family or relationship difficulties. Katrina specializes in child and adolescent mood, stress, anxiety and depression, and seeks to help and empower all clients she has the privilege of working with.


June 3 (Sat)


ARCH Education

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