Which Curriculum Is Best For You?

Posted On 08.07.2015 | Blog

With the imminent release of IBDP and HKDSE examination results this July, Hong Kong school leavers and their parents face a nerve-racking wait to see whether university offers have been met. 

For Hong Kong families whose children are about to enter senior secondary school, it is the time of year when the question as to which curriculum best suits them surfaces. Almost all secondary schools in Hong Kong offer either the IBDP or HKDSE as standard curricula, and the majority of students enjoy enormous success within these two systems. It has been interesting to observe, however, that recent news articles in the local press and a British Council study show that a growing pool of Hong Kong students feel they would benefit from a less ‘broad’, more specialised educational pathway.

The A Level, once the commonplace curriculum in Hong Kong, offers an alternative for students who wish to focus their attention on the 3 subjects which reflect their strengths and interests. This in turn allows students to maximise their chances of gaining acceptance into their universities of choice, and as an internationally recognised qualification, universities around the globe have a long track record of accepting students who apply with A Levels.

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Photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/e6rfXd