Jul '17

Global Aspiring Medic Conference (GAMC)

With Keynote Speakers including deans, medical professors, researchers and practitioners from top global institutes, and more than 300 participating students, the GAMC is the largest student medic conference in Asia.

This year, top representatives from global institutions will speak about the World Health Organization (WHO) and infectious diseases, biotechnological advancements, epigenetics, dementia, and clinical research in psychology as well as neurosciences

Beyond an impressive speaker series, students will also have the opportunity to rotate around “Clinic Booths” to learn from current medical practitioners with professional background from Orthopaedics and Traumatology, and Gastroenterology! There will also be the popular session on Medical School Interview Preparation hosted by representatives from The University of Hong Kong (HKU), University of Exeter, and professional medic consultants. Students are also encouraged to learn from these impressive individuals on how they gained qualification at top universities in the UK, US, and Hong Kong! 

Since registration is on a rolling basis and spaces are limited, we encourage students to sign up as soon as possible.

Date 22 July 2017
Time 8:00am - 6:00pm
Venue The University of Hong Kong
"Fruitful content from each speaker inspires me to check out more about the topics and broaden my vision of modern medical field. "
Joankett, Diocesan Boy's School
Global Aspiring Medic Conference
"The keynote speakers were extremely interesting and allowed me to get a better idea about what sort of topics interest me. The booths were interesting and extremely informative as to what the job entails and it gave me a good idea as to what the job will be like. "
Mai, Seisen International School
Global Aspiring Medic Conference
"This year's GAMC is successful as both the talks and booths give me a comprehensive insights towards the medical lives in universities. It also further develop my interest towards medical lives. "
T.H., St Paul’s College
Global Aspiring Medic Conference
"I gained insight into medic studies from GAMC. This event was very informative yet interesting. I got to learn a lot about different specialties in the medicine field. "
T.M. , Maryknoll Convent School
Global Aspiring Medic Conference
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