Maths Private Tutoring

I would like to thank my teacher for helping me on my Extended Essay for Mathematics over the past year. With his help and guidance, I received an A with a score of 29/34. Thank you for improving my essay to this amazing standard!

Maths Private Tutoring

Alex genuinely enjoys teaching and wants the best for his students. He adapts his teaching style and methods to suit the needs and learning habit of each individual. Without Alex, I would have a lot more troubles with Mathematics. He makes learning so much more interesting!

Shewsburry, Year 10, ARCH Online Tutors (GCSE English)

We're so grateful for your help and guidance rendered to Kevin and it must be reckoned that his performance in English is the most outstanding amongst all subjects. This would not have been made possible without your guidance.

Mrs. Chan
Parent of Form 5 DGS student, ARCH Online Tutors (GCE)

We would like to express our great appreciation for the tutor's tireless guidance and clear explanation that has helped Sarah through the GCE preparation. The support from ARCH has been tremendous and amazing.

Mr. Ng
Parent of Y13 student, ARCH Online Tutors (IB English)

Thank you and ARCH for giving guidance to my son as he was preparing for his personal statement, LNAT and subsequently e-tutoring for English(HL) for IB. I believe the e-tutoring he got from your tutors towards the end of his preparation was important in giving him the added confidence to finally achieve a 7 for his English(HL). His IB result was more than enough to meet the LSE offer.

Headington School, Grade 13, SAT

The program was quite beneficial for my improving of Critical Reading skills. I used to have a less specific method of reading passages, but the technique of finding the purpose of the passage, structure or tone of the writier helps me quickly understand the passages as well as grasping the main point of questions. The essay-planning sessions also helped me. Although it is a challenge to complete all assigned homework within an evening, it is helpful for strengthening my time management grades. Discussing essay planning is an interesting and engaging session, as it helps all of us effectively take the essay prompt and brainstorm ideas easily. Thank you Erica and Tiffany. 

VSA, Year 9, SAT Fundamentals

Through this program, I have developed skills to tackle SAT questions and techniques such as elimination, and categorization. I have also developed essay writing skills including the structure and organization of the essay, and how to effectively select examples.

HKUGA College, Grade 8, Common Entrance (English)

It has been a long year since we came to see you in April and a lot of studying and planning which eventually paid off!  Alex did English CE courses and 1-on-1 with Mia who was very encouraging and really rooting for him! Thank you for your help and advice regarding Harrow and sending a lovely recommendation of Alex which I believe helped enormously.