Sam C.
Foundation to University

- Unconditional offer from University of Manchester
- Successful offers from University of Durham, University of York & University of Nottingham

"Failing to achieve the requirement to law school on my DSE results, I found the IFP as a second gateway to study law at reputable UK universities. For students aiming to study law, the course gives you a taste of the subject knowledge. The programme equips active learners with the right skill set for universities. ARCH also provided me with useful university consultations with strategic UCAS choices, which had certainly smoothened my application process." 


I'm so grateful to have had ARCH by my side during this process--it was really helpful to have a reminder of when things are due and to have ARCH there to push me along at a good pace with my essays. I really like how the team spent so much time to brainstorm essay ideas with me. I felt really supported and well prepared when the deadlines came around. I also love how ARCH encouraged me to have my own voice, and helped me to bring out the best version of that voice. Thanks ARCH so much!


Overall, ARCH has been very helpful to me in the application process. ARCH helped me find the strengths in my application and develop strategies to further strengthen these key areas; the essay brainstorm sessions were also productive and engaging. I can't thank ARCH enough!


The most helpful aspect of ARCH’s consultation services was the essay polishing process. My counsellors and instructors were very knowledgeable and the advice they gave me had helped me identified much needed improvements which I would never have made without their guidance. My favourite part of the consultation was the essay brainstorming process. I enjoyed every conversation I had with my counsellors and the creative ideas we developed together were so interesting. Lastly, I feel that my experience at ARCH was an important highlight at the end of high school and the beginning of my upcoming journey. With the help of ARCH, I am now able to step into university life with confidence. And as this long, busy year comes to an end, I really just want to thank everyone at ARCH who have helped me. So thank you!


ARCH helped me discover my passion, realize my potential, and uncover my true interests and talents that I have buried and forgotten due to school work. Working with my counselor have inspired me to make the most of my education and reminded me to love learning for its own sake!


The guidance which I received from ARCH on writing my personal statement and supplements were phenomenal! I love working with the meticulous yet easy-going counselors who not only care about my college application but also me.  They continuously guided me in making reflection on my personal strengths & weaknesses and led me to a better understanding of myself. 

Mother of J.X.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the staff at ARCH! A lot of people say that having a high school senior at home applying for university will be a stressful year for the whole family. I didn’t feel that way at all! And that is all because of the ARCH team. Your team is so professional, knowledgeable, experienced, thoughtful, patient, careful, and hardworking.   Not only are we thrilled about our son’s university application results, the whole process is a sweet memory for us forever!

Acceptance from Choate, Kent, Lawrenceville, St. Paul’s & Taft

ARCH helped me identify my strengths, interests and hobbies and encouraged me to develop them into solid extracurricular activities. ARCH provided a lot of guidance, especially helped me understand the interview mentality which encouraged me to self-reflect on my experiences, achievements and how I wanted to present myself.

Cambridge Judge Business School, Master of Finance offer holder

I know my profile was not half as competitive as it should be when I came to ARCH for help. ARCH highlighted my strengths and gave me suggestions to bolster my profile. The help with application essay was beyond expectation.

Offer from Cheltenham Ladies' College

I find ARCH extrmely helpful in terms of exam preparation and admissions to top UK boarding schools. I got offers from all the boarding schools I applied to. I have learnt so much from my tutors as they are very well-informed about the UK curriculum and are able to deliver the lessons in a very concise and structured manner. 

Mrs Loo, mother of E.L.
Westminster School offer holder

ARCH inputs are extremely useful and we appreciate that you have had time for our last minute brush up in interview. Both my husband and I could tell that our son was finally confronted with someone who excels his intelligence in philosophy or religious knowledge. We are very pleased with the result and would definitely refer any potential students to ARCH in the future.

Cambridge offer holder in Economics

ARCH provided all-rounded guidance in every element of the application process.  Both my academic and presentation ability was greatly enhanced through tailor-made sessions, and the intensiveness and effectiveness of all work were impressive. The tutors, Oxbridge alumni or students, truly understood my needs and shared with me their invaluable experiences.  All these made my application a really fruitful process with a successful outcome. I am so grateful that ARCH encouraged me to start this journey and offered the most appropriate support. 

Oxford offer holder in Natural Science

The entire preparation experience was excellent, particularly the subject-specific interview preparation. The sessions helped me in understanding the format of the real interview so as to enhance my confidence.

LSE offer holder in International Relations & Cornell University offer in Hotel Management

The ARCH consultants helped me to enhance my Personal Statement and profile greatly. As a candidate, I am certain that I was presented in the best light possible with the help of my tutors. My application before and after their counseling, l would not even have been comparable. I am particular grateful for their help with my Personal Statement - through providing me with background reading and assigning me excellent tutors. I was exposed to the topic of International Relations like I had never been before.

Columbia Law School

Thank you so much for all the support and help you have given me throughout this roller coaster of an experience. I can safely say that I would not have gotten to this stage without you guys. Thanks so much again for helping me realize this dream!