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Sam C. , Foundation to University

Unconditional offer from University of Manchester
20.06.2019 | Admissions

- Unconditional offer from University of Manchester
- Successful offers from University of Durham, University of York & University of Nottingham

"Failing to achieve the requirement to law school on my DSE results, I found the IFP as a second gateway to study law at reputable UK universities. For students aiming to study law, the course gives you a taste of the subject knowledge. The programme equips active learners with the right skill set for universities. ARCH also provided me with useful university consultations with strategic UCAS choices, which had certainly smoothened my application process." 

Y.C. ,

14.05.2019 | Admissions

I'm so grateful to have had ARCH by my side during this process--it was really helpful to have a reminder of when things are due and to have ARCH there to push me along at a good pace with my essays. I really like how the team spent so much time to brainstorm essay ideas with me. I felt really supported and well prepared when the deadlines came around. I also love how ARCH encouraged me to have my own voice, and helped me to bring out the best version of that voice. Thanks ARCH so much!

J.Z. ,

University of Pennsylvania
08.05.2019 | Admissions

Overall, ARCH has been very helpful to me in the application process. ARCH helped me find the strengths in my application and develop strategies to further strengthen these key areas; the essay brainstorm sessions were also productive and engaging. I can't thank ARCH enough!

J.X. ,

Emory University
06.05.2019 | Admissions

The most helpful aspect of ARCH’s consultation services was the essay polishing process. My counsellors and instructors were very knowledgeable and the advice they gave me had helped me identified much needed improvements which I would never have made without their guidance. My favourite part of the consultation was the essay brainstorming process. I enjoyed every conversation I had with my counsellors and the creative ideas we developed together were so interesting. Lastly, I feel that my experience at ARCH was an important highlight at the end of high school and the beginning of my upcoming journey. With the help of ARCH, I am now able to step into university life with confidence. And as this long, busy year comes to an end, I really just want to thank everyone at ARCH who have helped me. So thank you!

Y.T. ,

New York University
03.05.2019 | Admissions

ARCH helped me discover my passion, realize my potential, and uncover my true interests and talents that I have buried and forgotten due to school work. Working with my counselor have inspired me to make the most of my education and reminded me to love learning for its own sake!


University of Southern California
03.05.2019 | Admissions

The guidance which I received from ARCH on writing my personal statement and supplements were phenomenal! I love working with the meticulous yet easy-going counselors who not only care about my college application but also me.  They continuously guided me in making reflection on my personal strengths & weaknesses and led me to a better understanding of myself. 

Mother of J.X.,

Emory University
02.05.2019 | Admissions

I want to take this opportunity to thank the staff at ARCH! A lot of people say that having a high school senior at home applying for university will be a stressful year for the whole family. I didn’t feel that way at all! And that is all because of the ARCH team. Your team is so professional, knowledgeable, experienced, thoughtful, patient, careful, and hardworking.   Not only are we thrilled about our son’s university application results, the whole process is a sweet memory for us forever!

S.L., Acceptance from Choate, Kent, Lawrenceville, St. Paul’s & Taft

09.08.2016 | Admissions

ARCH helped me identify my strengths, interests and hobbies and encouraged me to develop them into solid extracurricular activities. ARCH provided a lot of guidance, especially helped me understand the interview mentality which encouraged me to self-reflect on my experiences, achievements and how I wanted to present myself.

J.L., Cambridge Judge Business School, Master of Finance offer holder

09.08.2016 | Admissions

I know my profile was not half as competitive as it should be when I came to ARCH for help. ARCH highlighted my strengths and gave me suggestions to bolster my profile. The help with application essay was beyond expectation.

K.C., Offer from Cheltenham Ladies' College

09.08.2016 | Admissions

I find ARCH extrmely helpful in terms of exam preparation and admissions to top UK boarding schools. I got offers from all the boarding schools I applied to. I have learnt so much from my tutors as they are very well-informed about the UK curriculum and are able to deliver the lessons in a very concise and structured manner. 

Mrs Loo, mother of E.L., Westminster School offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions

ARCH inputs are extremely useful and we appreciate that you have had time for our last minute brush up in interview. Both my husband and I could tell that our son was finally confronted with someone who excels his intelligence in philosophy or religious knowledge. We are very pleased with the result and would definitely refer any potential students to ARCH in the future.

J.T., Cambridge offer holder in Economics

06.05.2016 | Admissions

ARCH provided all-rounded guidance in every element of the application process.  Both my academic and presentation ability was greatly enhanced through tailor-made sessions, and the intensiveness and effectiveness of all work were impressive. The tutors, Oxbridge alumni or students, truly understood my needs and shared with me their invaluable experiences.  All these made my application a really fruitful process with a successful outcome. I am so grateful that ARCH encouraged me to start this journey and offered the most appropriate support. 

S.C., LSE offer holder in International Relations & Cornell University offer in Hotel Management

06.05.2016 | Admissions

The ARCH consultants helped me to enhance my Personal Statement and profile greatly. As a candidate, I am certain that I was presented in the best light possible with the help of my tutors. My application before and after their counseling, l would not even have been comparable. I am particular grateful for their help with my Personal Statement - through providing me with background reading and assigning me excellent tutors. I was exposed to the topic of International Relations like I had never been before.

K.W., Land Economics offer from Cambridge

26.04.2019 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The advice Ruby gave me was very specific and helpful including the subjects to take at school, the curriculum I was doing, the courses I intended on applying or had applied for.  She helps narrow down my course selection, makes me more confident about my choices. In a short amount of time, my parents and I have learnt a lot about the application process, what college life is like in the UK and other valuable information that were never taught in school with regards to university counselling.

V.W., Education offer from Cambridge

26.04.2019 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I think the whole process was really compact and was quite a challenge for me mentally. The Arch team was supportive, especially in making their schedules flexible in matching my busy school schedule. I am extremely grateful for this and found navigating through the whole process a lot easier and quickly.

F.A., Law offer from Cambridge

26.04.2019 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The preparation went very well. The number of classes I took was perfect, and the tutors were really intelligent and helpful, so I felt confident going into my interviews. By the end of the preparation process, I had a better understanding of the law, which was exactly what I needed going into the CLT and interviews.

Y.Y., Management offer from UCL

26.04.2019 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I would not have gotten the offer without the assistance from Jennifer and Ruby. I deeply appreciate all the things they have done for me!

R.L., Imperial Biomed

26.04.2019 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Angus has guided and supported me throughout my application process. He has provided insightful advice on my university choices and UCAS application e.g. preparation of personal statement, school reference letter. Without his constant guidance and support, I wouldn't have been able to make it to this stage of application.

He also reminded me of my weaknesses and prompted me to keep practicing. The skills, such as mental calculation, estimation and elimination are useful to know. The tailor-made feedback he gave was useful for me to understand my progress and plan my preparation strategy.

The preparation experience has been very useful and enriching. Not only have I brushed up on interviewing skills for my Oxford interview, I have also learnt a lot from the tutors through exchanging ideas about biomedical sciences.

V.P., Cardiff Offer in Medicine

Cardiff Offer in Medicine
21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I think that the entire preparation experience has given me so much more knowledge and insight into university applications since my parents nor I have had experience in applying for university overseas. As I have been guided through the process by many experienced people I was much less worried and was able to better focus on the task at hand as well as my school work which was an added benefit. I think that the best part was polishing my personal statement and additional information for Cambridge because I was introduced to many intriguing subjects that was further developed during the interview practice sessions.

T.C., Nottingham Offer in Economics

Nottingham Offer in Economics
21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

It was overall an extremely helpful experience. I found the preparation for my personal statement particularly useful, as I was introduced to numerous new ideas and extra readings that extended my knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview preparations too, as tutors constantly challenged me with questions I had never thought about. It helped me understand how vital it is to structure my thinking in order for others to come across my approach as being logical and concise. TSA test preparations also encouraged me to face my weakness and reassured me that I could actually tackle the problem. The tutors are well-experienced and have inspired me to become more passionate towards Economics. Thank you Arch for all the personal and thoughtful advice, encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals.  

R.C., UCL Offer in Medicine

UCL Offer in Medicine
21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I think the entire experience was good, and gave me more confidence for my whole application process. The personal statement and interview sessions were particularly useful. It was good to have my personal statement checked off, and the interview sessions certainly prepared my mindset on how to answer questions.

N.C., Oxford Offer in Law

Oxford Offer in Law
21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I would say the preparation lessons from ARCH were really helpful. I think they definitely gave me confidence that I would otherwise probably not have because I had at least a vague idea of what was ahead of me. The scenario-based questions were extremely helpful because that was the format that Lincoln was after.

I feel like the interview preparation was definitely what I thought was most valuable, more so than for the LNAT and extended project, and rightly so. Having said so, I need to give credit to the whole package as it was very holistic to the application.

I.G., UCL Offer in Architecture

UCL Offer in Architecture
21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I think the preparation motivated me to independently research about Architecture, so I could discuss with the tutors. The interview preparation also ensured that I was more relaxed and comfortable in the interview environment and helped me to think on my feet and make the most out of my pre-existing knowledge. The preparation not only improved my interviewing skills, but also enhanced the way I present myself, and my self-initiative for finding new information and reading around architecture. I also learnt how to create a portfolio that showcases your work.

F.T., Imperial College Offer in Medicine

Imperial College
21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I am very satisfied with ARCH’s support throughout the whole process. The personal statement tutoring helped immensely, and I am very pleased with the final product. I felt that the interview prep benefitted me most, as interview was one of my weakest areas to begin with. I now feel much more prepared for the upcoming interviews and am sure I will be able to do well. Thank you!

F.C., LSE Offer Holder in Law

21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I enjoyed the preparation progress as I become more familiar with my subject and the manner in which the interviews would be conducted. Given I seldom had the chance to discuss my subject in school, I valued the opportunity I had to talk about the law with my tutors. The Oxbridge backgrounds of my tutors also helped in terms of choosing the college and in knowing the background of my interviewers.

E.T., Durham offer holder in Law

Durham offer holder in Law
21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Overall, the entire preparation was very useful. It not only prepared me for university interviews and aptitude test, but gave me a lot of invaluable skills. What I thought was the most useful was the interview preparation sessions as they taught me how I should analyze scenarios and structure my answers in a way that would be easy to follow. Overall, the entire preparation experience was very good and it could not have been better.

D.L., Cambridge offer holder in Human, Social and Political Sciences

Cambridge offer holder in Human, Social and Political Sciences
21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The preparation has been very helpful. in general, the interview prep has been an amazing learning experience. Thank you!

A.L., University of Cambridge

Cambridge OFFER HOLDER in Law
21.06.2017 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Thank you so much for your help over the past few months! I could not have received a conditional offer from Cambridge without all your guidance and I am honestly so shocked that I received an offer at all because I never thought I was capable enough to reach this part of the process.

J.C., Cambridge offer holder in Psychological and Biological Sciences

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

ARCH is simply fantastic. Not only did they help me with my personal statement, they also provided me with stimulating reading materials. Despite not having studied Psychology before, I have acquired a lot of relevant knowledge in a short span of four months. The preparations for the interview are helpful and effective. They enhanced my ability to think and react on the spot. The practices, in conjunction with the tutor’s valuable feedback, allow me to be more confident during the interview.

J.C., Cambridge offer holder in Economics

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I have seen many personal statements of the others, including my schoolmates, my summer course friends etc. Most of them do not reach ARCH standard. ARCH Tutor suggests a lot of books and reading materials and her ideas for personal statement are brilliant indeed. Her assistance is definitely helpful and is sharply focused. I felt that the Cambridge interviewers deeply appreciated my personal statement. I was able to use ideas covered in preparation in my interview! The tutor’s help has positive externalities and has definitely pushed my Economics from a middle 7 to a high 7 in IB! Thank you so much!!!

T.C., Oxford offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Merton said YES!!! :D Thank you so much for making my dream come true; I wouldn't have achieved it without you all. Thank you with all my heart! OJ was very helpful and gave me a lot of insight into the issues I wanted to include in my personal statement; and assisted greatly in enhancing my knowledge. My consultants gave me advice on how to balance my university choices, then how to pick a college in Oxford. The mock interviews were quite similar to the actual interview I had in Oxford, involving critical and lateral thinking. The tutors are very stimulating, super committed, helpful and encouraging. I am very grateful for all the consultants that helped me through the process regardless of the outcome.

S.C., Cambridge offer holder in Architecture

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Your team is really the best! The tutors at ARCH gave me the confidence to believe in my ideas and to be proud of my unique experiences despite my relatively weaker grades. Previously, I was presented the idea that the university application was entirely grade driven for the UK. Arch had a completely different approach. They valued me as individual and taught me how to highlight my personal qualities and passion in my essays - I am proud of my personal statement because it truly reflects my passion and personality. During the interview preparation stage, I improved so much. ARCH taught me how to organise my thoughts, prepared me for all possible scenarios and most importantly they were so encouraging and made me feel calm and confident for my interview. Couldn't have done it without the Arch team!! Thank you so so much for all your support, I really wouldn't have been able to endure this uni process without your help and support. Sarah, you gave me so much confidence and encouragement, you really have no idea. Jen, Tilly, your UCAS help with all the brainstorming, turning my ENTIRE story around, and interview prep...the change was unthinkable.

J.L., LSE unconditional offer from Government & Politics with Sir Edward Youde Scholarship

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Arch has not simply assisted me in developing a comprehensive academic profile: they have improved me as a person, and brought me unparalleled work opportunities. Their support went far beyond practical advice – it was really their constant encouragement and guidance that kept me going throughout this stressful process! Through referrals from Arch’s excellent consultants, I became an election advisor to a top Hong Kong politician, a unique edge over other Politics applicants across the UK. With intensive discussions and editing, we also produced a concise personal statement reflective of my interests. For my dream school LSE, Arch consultants even delivered a personalized recommendation, which undoubtedly contributed to my offer with a full scholarship. Arch is professional, knowledgeable and most of all, caring – A big, warm, Thank You.

Tinny, Oxford offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I have always aspired to study law. I find it very interesting and I want to study the relations between law and society. Prior to all this I joined the Pembroke Summer program, which really confirmed my interest in law, so when I learned that ARCH is happy to offer help on Oxbridge admissions, I just took a chance.

ARCH helped me with my personal statement. They helped me to organize my ideas and they encouraged me to read around the subject really widely before I wrote anything. So I felt like it was a much more comprehensive personal statement; it was also very structured. Besides, they also helped with college choices, and introduced me to different Oxford colleges so I could make a very informed decision on what college I actually wanted to go to. After submitting my UCAS form, they also helped with my LNAT prep – there were a lot of MCs as well as an essay section. We did a lot of mock exams and after each mock, the tutor would explain to me what I did wrong and give me advice and guidance on how I could improve my writing or how I could think more logically and organize my arguments. As for interview prep, we tried to expand on my personal statement and again we read around the subject even more widely. The tutors also encouraged me to keep up with current issues and legal news, and that also proved to be very helpful in my actual interview. Apart from normal talking and exchanging ideas, we had several mock interviews and that really gave me a taste of what Oxbridge interviews would be like so I was a lot less nervous at my actual interview. 

Colman, Cambridge offer holder in Maths

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I was thinking about Mathematics or Medicine, and my consultant solved this dilemma for me by simply analysing my portfolio and figuring out where my strengths lay. She gave me a really good opinion on which subject to choose, and finally I chose Mathematics. I can’t really write at all, and my personal statement was a pain. Thanks to ARCH for helping me and guiding me through the structure and what content I should put in. The interview questions they designed for me in the interview exercise were pretty useful because they were actually quite similar to the style [in which] Cambridge interviewed me, which gave me preparation before having an actual interview. How to differentiate yourself – that’s what ARCH helped me to do, and trying to make myself stand out more.

Joshua, Cambridge offer holder in Economics

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

ARCH provided dual-academic consultants for me, one looked at my profile at a microscopic scale, while the other gave me subject-specific academic guidance. ARCH aligned an academic consultant who studies Economics in Cambridge for me, which was exactly my [goal]. The consultants gave me a lot of help in my personal statement. I got 5 conditional offers from the 5 universities I applied to via UCAS. ARCH also helped me build up my confidence and imparted a lot of necessary academic knowledge that has proven to be very useful in my interview. Before this I didn’t think I was capable of getting into these competitive universities. ARCH helped me achieve my goal.

N.B., Cambridge offer holder in Engineering

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all the kind effort you have put into helping me with my Cambridge application!! I would not have achieved an offer without your inputs and Skype interview preparation sessions, often at a moment's notice.

L.C., Cambridge offer holder in Economics

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

ARCH mock interview questions were challenging but provided very good practice for tackling problems I was unfamiliar with. Skills and concepts they taught were also very useful. This helped a lot with applying abstract concepts to real-life situations and also gave useful information on the current economic climate. Thank you very much for all your help!!!!

J.C., Cambridge offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I’d like to say a big thank you to Arch for all the time and effort they put into my application process! My dream of getting an offer from Cambridge wouldn't have come true without the help from arch. Thank you so much for helping me in coming up with a personal statement – the end product was both insightful and academic. Also, thanks for arranging my interview lessons with the excellent tutors; who pushed me to think outside the box, and prepared me well for the challenging interviews. They were extremely friendly and helpful and never failed to answer my questions beyond the lessons. Also, she has given me really good advice on how to tackle a problem question which I found very useful during my law test. It has been great working with ARCH! The training for the Cambridge law test, in particular, was very useful because the tutors gave me very good advice on how to tackle it, which helped a lot in the actual test as I found it very manageable. Thank you once again for all the efforts and time ARCH has put into my application!

M.L., LSE offer holder in Management

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

My counselor guided me through every step of my personal statement, from brainstorming ideas for my first draft to completing it. She has also given me recommendation on reading list to line in with my personal statement.   She even provided me with suggestions on synonyms to avoid a word being used twice in a paragraph!

I received offers from all universities! Thank you for the great guidance in the past!

T.T., Oxford offer holder in Mathematics with Jardine's Scholarship

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

ARCH has really helped me a lot in getting into Oxford to study Mathematics. I was one of the students with the least time of preparation. While many started early with at least half a year to prepare, I reached Arch just a few weeks before the deadline of the UCAS submission of Oxbridge.

Arch gave me wonderful advice regarding the college choice and more importantly, my personal statement. With their help, I became very clear as to how I present my academic interest and ability in my personal statement. Even though I regard myself as a strong candidate with good portfolio, without Arch guidance on personal statement I would never be able to get into Oxford. Their help was simply crucial to the ultimate success.

The interview sessions were very enriching and challenging and kept myself at ease at presenting my mathematical thoughts. Sam, my tutor, is an absolutely knowledgeable person who gives me strong training in my integration and analysis.

Finally, Jennifer Ma is such a nice person who is always willing to help me and provide me guidance on how to attempt different scholarships. Getting the Jardine Scholarship in the end is definitely one of the most surrealistic moments of my life!

R.V., Medicine applicant

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I think I expected the best possible all-round preparation by ARCH, and needless to say, I got exactly (if not more) than what I expected. I think the preparation—from the UKCAT all the way to the interviews is splendid and indeed most thought-provoking and allows me to develop a working knowledge of what to do in an interview or the next time I write a Personal Statement. ARCH not only delivers, it genuinely cares about its students, which is a real pleasure as it allows an exchange of ideas between tutor and tutee. I believe it is easy to build up a good working relationship with the friendly and receptive tutors and staff, which all the more adds to the experience and accentuates the growth one can achieve as a part of ARCH.

I didn't feel directed or made to do something, but educated.

R.H., Bristol offer holder in Economics

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

My consultant has been very helpful and gives me lots of advice in the selection of universities for my UCAS application. She has also been a great help with the application of universities in Hong Kong.The Discipline Specific Tutor helped me form the shape of my personal statement by going through my CV and spoke to me in depth. Through the detailed discussions, she helped me realize what can be put into the personal statement but also how I can portray my academic studies, learning experience and interest in a coherent manner and how they link to the subject I apply for at universities. The tutor coached me to further develop idea and areas which are beyond the scope of the AS studies. This did not only enrich my knowledge but also enabled me to enrich the content of my personal statement.I am most grateful for the guidance on my personal statement and very pleased with my final draft.The interview preparation was very good and useful and it makes me thing what questions may be put forward to me and how I should organize myself in the reply. What help me most what I learnt on how I should structure and phrase my thoughts.

Mrs Chong, Parent of an applicant for Medicine and Bio-medical Sciences

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

As a parent of a graduate from an International School in Hong Kong, my daughter and I consulted Jennifer Ma, ARCH Education for applying to universities in the UK. Jennifer possesses excellent skills and knowledge of advising and helping students in gaining university acceptance. She used a systematic approach in understanding my daughter's capabilities and needs before planning and following up targeted improvements (e.g. both academic and extra-curricular, interviewing skills etc). I was very impressed with the way Jennifer guided us, from analyzing the situation to providing expert advice and support throughout the university application and selection processes. As a consultant, Jennifer maintains extremely high standards in her work. She is resourceful, efficient and organized in accomplishing results.

I would recommend ARCH Education to other students without hesitation. Jennifer's strong background is unique and will benefit students in pursuit of further education.

S.W., Cambridge offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Sam has made critically significant contribution to my application process - by helping with the edits of several essays, scheduling an array of sessions, and monitoring my progress regularly. Whenever I meet difficulties during the application process, he has always been helpful to give assistance and guidance, such as dealing with the administration and preparation on tests. His immediate response to my queries impressed me much, which contributed much to my progress. 

The entire preparation experience was immensely comprehensive and useful, which equipped me with a variety of skills. With the comments and edits of the tutor, I came up with a decent and strong personal statement. The aptitude test preparation provided me a great deal of chance to practice and gain hands-on experience on the writing part. What impressed me most was the interview preparation – the tutors were professional and nice. Both the general and academic interview preparation bolstered my logical thinking, organization skills and the reactions to the challenging questions. I felt more confident and comfortable during the actual interview, as the mock practice contributed much to the process. 

J.L., Cambridge offer holder in Veterinary Science

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The preparation offered by the tutor helped a lot, because the questions she asked me in the mock interviews were really similar to the real one. Specifically, she asked me to read up on [topic] and it did come up. I was put under a situation where I had to think on my feet, and although it was through Skype, I was still slightly nervous so it’s good practice. The feedback she provided was really informative, as there are things I didn’t notice formerly which also helped me improve on my speaking and thinking skills. It was an excellent experience.

K.T., Cambridge offer holder in Architecture

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The preparation experience was thoroughly helpful and really helped to clarify my interests in architecture. I found both the personal statement and interview preparation sessions very enlightening as I learned a great deal throughout, especially through discussion and reading.

M.S., Oxford offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

My counselor was very helpful, especially in facilitating communication between my tutor and I, as well as monitoring my progress throughout different sessions. She was also eager to answer any questions I had during the preparation process which was most useful.

My discipline specific tutor exposed me to open-ended, passage-based and scenario questions.I was challenged during the mock interviews, particularly when my tutor asked spontaneous follow-up questions that countered my viewpoint or exposed philosophical ideas underlying the debate. My tutor would give me feedback immediately after each exercise and asked me to improve on specific skills in the next exercise so that it was clear to me what I should improve on. I was given several case study exercises and extra notes which related to what I wrote in the personal statement. It was very helpful as part of the debate was touched on in my actual interviews and the case study exercises were very similar to the actual format of the interviews. I felt that my tutor was professional and very eager to help with regards to any questions I had during the admissions process, which made the preparation process worthwhile.

S.B., Cambridge offer holder in Natural Sciences

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

5 out of 5!!

ARCH helped me with restructuring and improving my personal statement to an acceptable Cambridge standard. My counselor regrouped my relevant activities and asked thought-provoking questions to help me add personal opinions. She suggested language should be made much more compact. I’m pleased with my final draft.

ARCH discipline specific tutor practiced Cambridge interview questions with me. The mock interviews stretched my thinking – Many of them required proposition of ideas that require original, logical thinking instead of fishing knowledge from the AS/A2 syllabus.

As there are many rumours regarding Oxbridge interviews, the experience was helpful with knowing what type of questions to expect and the fact that it is okay to get impossible questions wrong as long as the thinking process is shown.

A.K., Law applicant

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Apart from the help for my personal statement, my counsellor also followed me through with my application in my school. She also gave me advice as to which university I would choose. She was able to see straight away the connections in my past experiences that I had overlooked before. The entire preparation was great. It was satisfying to see my final draft of the personal statement. It was obviously better than what I had written in first place.

L.H.L., Cambridge offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I am very pleased with the SAQ draft Jen edited, which succinctly included things I did not have room to put into my UCAS PS as well as why coming from HK, studying law is particular. I think the entire experience really prepared me well for the rigorous admissions process. And it got me an offer from Trinity Hall, what more can I ask for! 

M.R., Durham offer holder in Geography

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

ARCH made it clear what I needed to do in order to give myself the best chance. No matter what the outcome of my application is, I would recommend using Arch to anyone thinking of applying to Oxbridge. ARCH is not for the faint hearted but [they] definitely deliver results!

I definitely feel like the preparation helped me immensely – I literally wrote a completely new personal statement and felt more confident than I otherwise would have done going into the interview. I feel like I actually gained a much higher level understanding of geography which will aid me wherever I end up studying.

J.H., UCL offer holder in Anthropology

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

My initial personal statement showed little insight to the subject I am applying. It was merely a summary of my qualifications and abilities. It could be applicable to any subjects. After the sessions, I felt that my personal statement had improved tremendously. It illustrates not only some factual qualifications and experiences of myself, but also my own insight to social anthropology. I think my consultants have successfully presented the best side of myself in my personal statement. As a second language speaker, the English language has always been a barrier to me because it hinders me from communicating effectively. Without my consultants’ close editing, I do not think my expression in my PS would be as effective. I feel that now my personal statement is more relevant to my subject choice and it contains my own voice in it, which I believe sets me apart from others.

K.W., Cambridge offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I found the overall preparation spectacularly useful and effective. I am thrilled to receive an offer from Cambridge and would like to express my gratitude once again. There were a few areas that I found particularly helpful.

Personal Statement Preparation - I think the final mark up by Jennifer really did lift the quality of my personal statement. The personal statement is also trimmed down into the words limit as required without cutting down anything that is important. (This also applies to the SAQ). In addition, the initial planning stage also helped me to brainstorm things that I could mention in the personal statement. 

Interview Preparation - Very useful in general. Tutors are quite experienced and provided me with many opportunities to practice my interview skills.

K.Y., Oxford offer holder in Biochemistry

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

ARCH’s discipline specific tutor practiced biochemistry questions with me in preparation for my Oxford interview. In mock interview scenarios, I was asked a range of biology and chemistry questions. I genuinely felt like I was stretched by the challenging questions, and I benefitted from practicing how to think aloud as I answered them, and also learnt useful strategies for approaching technical and scenario-based questions. The tutor even taught me some topics which I hadn’t covered at school yet, which allowed me to further extend my knowledge!

A.C., UCL offer holder in Psychology

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I found the entire preparation experience very informative and rewarding. The preparation helped me in two ways. Firstly, the suggested reading helped me to further consolidate my understanding about the subject of psychology. Secondly, the whole preparation enabled me to be both relaxed and confident in the interview.

J.Y., Cambridge offer holder in Land Economy

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

My discipline specific tutor prepared me for the interview stage of my application to Cambridge. This experience was valuable as it helped me get used to thinking out loud quickly and in front of a stranger. I was given a variety of questions as part of the practice, some general and some subject specific.

J.F., UCL offer holder in Psychology

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

My counselor was very helpful in terms of keeping me on track with everything and giving me advice. My discipline specific tutor suggested that I could read a bit more around the subject that I’m interested in and she suggested a specific book, which was very enjoyable. For my Personal Statement, she encouraged me to leave some ‘hooks’ that the interviewers could ask about in the interviews. For interview preparation I was given mostly [certain type of] questions because I was not very confident with those. A lot of the questions required me to think further and stretched my abilities. A lot of technical questions were also asked. To begin with, I often found myself contradicting myself when answering challenging questions, which required me to stop and reorganize my thoughts. At first I found myself waffling and repeating my points a lot, but towards the end I felt more comfortable when exposed to unfamiliar questions.

H.L., Cambridge offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The Oxbridge Insiders was very useful. I tried to find more practices on scenario based questions and comprehension questions online but couldn’t find any. The practices provided by the tutors thus help me prepare for the interview better and I am more familiar with the question style. 

V.M., Cambridge offer holder in Economics

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I am very pleased with the final draft of my personal statement. ARCH tutor provided an introduction to theories featured at the undergraduate level, which I then further researched on. She also offered alternative angles for issues I wrote about in my personal statement. She often checked whether I understood the relevant concepts I wrote about, and asked me to summarise the idea and offer examples.

The preparation experience is very useful because my school offers very limited support on interview. In particular, I enjoyed the wide-ranging types of questions that my tutor prepared for me, and how ARCH tutor offered theories/concepts for me to look into, which further enhanced the quality of my answers in general.

M.S., Economics applicant

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The preparation experience was excellent and this really helped a lot. In particular, my discipline specific tutor provided me with many past questions which  really helped me to prepare for my interview! Everything is great… I would definitely recommend ARCH to my friends!

C.C., Cambridge offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I think the preparation helped in my personal statement and interview prep most as it directed me in a clearer direction as to how to ap-proach legal questions and to be more focused legally on issues. It also helped me develop my interest fur-ther as through engaging in legal conversations and thinking more about legal topics, it made me feel more engaged with the subject and more ready for university in the long term.

N.L. , Offers from 5 universities (including RVC), Veterinary Science

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I felt that the Interview Preparation was necessary, provided that I did not have any previous experience beforehand. The lessons prepared me mentally on what I should expect from the interview and I believe that I wouldn’t have done so well without it. The preparation helped me broaden my thinking to be well-equipped before the actual interview.

C.G., Oxford offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

In all the preparation experience was extremely helpful - I am certain that it would have gone a lot worse if I hadn’t been helped by Emma and Jennifer. 

The two most impactful parts were probably the Personal statement preparation with Emma and Dr Slinn, and the mock interview with Jennifer. Emma helped me add a lot of external reading to the personal statement, gave it greater cohesiveness than I could ever hope to achieve and helped me tweak the language to a tone more suitable for a personal statement. Dr Slinn was also a great help in providing me with insight as to what the admission tutors would be looking for, and further tweaking the terminology. 

The mock interview session with Jennifer was particularly helpful because it provided me with much more concrete feedback that I could actually use.  Jennifer was able to provide tips as to how I could actually deal with my flaws, and taught me a more regimented thought process to come up with a well thought out and structured response on the fly.

J.C., LSE offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The whole preparation process was a very valuable experience. It helped me grow as a student and enhanced my plain and incomprehensive understanding of the law.

Techniques I’ve learnt were very useful not only for the actual interview but also in my academic studies. The whole process encouraged me to read widely and pay attention to current affairs. Overall, the mock interviews were most useful in helping me gain confidence and give smart and intellectual answers.

Doing mock interviews with my tutor helped me to think laterally and construct my answers more succinctly. A lot of emphasis was put in learning to go “step by step” when going through a legislation. I also learned to look carefully at legal documents and analyse those documents in the most concise and personal way possible. I learned how to compare scenarios. Many skills and techniques were learned and I felt very confident through my tutor’s guidance.

I really enjoyed the experience and I think it was really helpful in all areas of my studies.

C.Y., Durham offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

My counselor helped me a lot in the whole process, which I appreciate it so much. She responded promptly when I needed help and gave useful advice for me. My discipline specific tutor did a great job in helping me in my personal statement. She gave lots of insights for me for the entire picture of the statement. For the LNAT my skills in time-management enhanced a lot after the mock examinations I had some heated debates with my tutor which served as examples for me for the LNAT essay. Besides, I learnt a lot about the way of thinking. For both personal statement and LNAT preparation, ARCH helped me a lot that enables me to perform my very best in the UCAS application. I am wholeheartedly feeling blessed to seek help from ARCH.

C.W., Cambridge offer holder in Classics

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The preparation was definitely helpful and made me more confident about approaching the interview, which to me was always the scariest part! Although the outcome may not be what I had hoped, the preparation made me feel more prepared, and hence allowed me to enjoy the interviews a lot. Thank you Arch for the ongoing guidance over the past year to keep me on track!

J.N., Cambridge offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I'm extremely pleased to tell you that I have been offered a place at Christ's! I'm immensely grateful for the guidance and invaluable feedback both you and Jennifer have given me over the course of this application cycle.

T.C., LSE offer holder in Law

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Ultimately, I was incredibly satisfied with the entire preparation experience as I found myself in a much more confident position when submitting my university applications as well as entering the interview. In particular, I was really grateful with the help on my personal statement and my interview sessions. Before consulting with my tutors, I had no idea what to expect at my Oxford interview and how I should respond to each question. Therefore, having been through a large number of mock sessions, I really felt quite calm and confident in my actual interviews.

B.C., Cambridge Law applicant

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I was very impressed with both my tutors. I felt that the preparation was much more helpful than I could have imagined. I learnt a lot in every single lesson. Even outside of Cambridge Prep, the lessons went as far as teaching me a whole new way to think – more structured and quicker thinking was one of the key things I took away from the sessions.

C.T., Cambridge offer holder in Economics

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The overall preparation experience was really helpful; I particularly enjoyed learning the more advanced economic theories when given open ended questions. Another part that was extremely useful was my session with Jennifer Ma - I think that going through the fundamental questions is really really important and also her advice on considering the economic, political and social aspects when answering a question was super useful. 

C.L., Cambridge offer holder in History

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

Arch definitely pushed me, even if I hadn’t gotten an offer from my first choice I definitely feel like I have come out of the experience with a different approach to my subject. The tutors challenged me to think really outside of the box and to make myself really self-aware of what I was saying and how I could improve myself. The experience was professional, and I had plenty of contact time with tutors and my assigned counselor who kept me updated and made sure I was on track and so I felt very sure about all the steps I was taking. Thank you to Arch for all the help and especially thank you to Jonathan for all the intellectual discussion and general advice- it was genuinely a really fulfilling experience.

A.C., Durham offer holder in Psychology

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I naturally felt very nervous and stretched about the interviews and interview preparations, but I think that the mock interviews allowed me to practice and pulled me out of my comfort zone. This helped a lot with improving my confidence when answering questions.

R.M., Cambridge offer holder in Medicine

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

I just heard from Cambridge! I can’t believe it but I received an offer! My counsellor guided me throughout the whole admissions process and I’d like to express my sincere thanks – he really gave me a lot of support and confidence! I’m absolutely delighted.

E.Y., UCL offer holder in Psychology

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - UK

The entire experience has been wonderful, unforgettable and perhaps life-changing. It taught me to learn more about what I am passionate about and it helped me identify my goal, learning a lot from students who are now studying in Oxbridge. Four months before, I had never imagined discussing with students from Oxbridge, let alone professors from Cambridge during the interview. This experience certainly opened my eyes. Before the interview, I only thought about why I wanted to study psychology, but now I will think “If I can get into the field, how can I contribute to the field?” The interview preparation part was perfect. I am sure this preparation experience will be beneficial for my other interviews in the future and my studies.

J.L., University of Chicago

26.04.2019 | Admissions Guidance - US

ARCH was a tremendous help to my university application experience, and provided me with effective and useful advice from making a school list and standardised testing prep to writing essays and creating my profile.  Through constructive and helpful brainstorming with the counselors, I was able to hone my essays to perfection and was able to creatively express myself through my application.  The counselors showed great commitment and took extra steps to know me as a person so my application could reach its best potential.  I am very grateful for ARCH's support and would not be attending the college of my dreams if not for you!

A.L., Choate Rosemary Hall

22.10.2018 | Admissions Guidance - US

Thanks so much for ARCH's help! I am so happy I chose Choate. I am having the time of my life right now. The people are amazing and so inspiring, all of them, and I really feel like home here.

T.Z., Acceptance from Stanford

13.03.2018 | Admissions Guidance - US

ARCH provided excellent guidance and support throughout the entire application process. I engaged in fruitful brainstorming sessions with my college counselors, received multiple rounds of detailed feedback on my essay drafts, and got great advice on how to fill out my application and thus better stand out as an applicant. I'm very grateful to have had ARCH support me along this challenging yet fulfilling journey.

T. & Y. M. , Yale School of Management

15.08.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

My fiancé and I came to ARCH with high ambitions, but not a lot of potential for top MBA admissions. ARCH showed us how to advance our case through both short- and long-term planning and refined our school choices to maximize chances of dual admission for me and my fiancé.  Today, we are heading to Yale School of Management together – a Yale couple!

Parent of S.C., Cornell University

15.08.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

My daughter got into her first choice program at her dream college and that is due, in large measure, to ARCH’s mentorship and skillful guidance. As a bonus, she had the opportunity of observing first-hand the culture of commitment and professionalism that the ARCH team has demonstrated throughout 2.5 years. I am one grateful parent!

Hanson, Middlesex School offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

One year ago, I joined ARCH and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in the last 13 years of my life…They really helped me make use of my full potential. Through consultation, I am able to plan, set goals and prepare for my dream to study in the US in the future. Concerning application process, my encouraging counselor has helped me throughout my application process to US boarding schools and gave me a lot of valuable guidance. Together we set many goals and this has pushed me to work harder, as it made me realize my full potential and has motivated me to focus on doing my best in my applications. From my experience, joining ARCH has surely helped prepared me in different ways for my future school and life transitions.

Helena, University of San Francisco offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

Good news - USF has offered me Honours admission and has automatically granted me a merit award scholarship (amount still has to be confirmed)! Thank you for everything you have done which has contributed so much in getting this great result!! If it were not for your assistance I think I would just end up in community colleges. And I could never imagine getting a scholarship! I just don't know how to thank you enough.

Parent of Ilya, Northfield Mount Hermon School offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

Last October we had doubts as to whether our daughter would get into any school. After ARCH's thorough preparation, she was admitted to eight out of thirteen schools -- who would have believed it!  There is no way she'd have been able to achieve as much as she did without the partnership of Jennifer Yu and Marybeth Hodson.  We are thrilled with the outcome, it has been a real case of value for the money spent, and would gladly recommend ARCH's services to anyone.

Parent of Gordon, Northfield Mount Hermon School offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

Applying to study abroad in the United States is a lengthy and complicated process. Thanks to ARCH, my son Gordon’s application was completed smoothly and efficiently. During Jennifer Yu’s first encounter with Gordon, she pointed out his shortcomings and the difficulties he might encounter throughout the application process. Over the period, Jennifer has provided Gordon valuable advice and clear guidance on tackling the SSAT exams, applying for boarding schools, acing the interviews and encouraged him to participate in extra-curricular activities. Jennifer’s attentive coaching has exerted positive influence over Gordon which we cannot appreciate more.

Leo, University of California, Berkeley / Johns Hopkins / Carnegie Mellon University offers holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

2 years ago in the summer, I got in touch with my teachers and I told her I wanted to apply to the States but I don’t have much clue because I was studying in the UK. My teachers recommended me to ARCH.

Firstly, in sixth form I was choosing between doing the A-levels or the IB, which are two different sixth form courses. ARCH recommended me to do A-levels over the IB, which really helped me later on to have a more balanced lifestyle – doing the IB would have really stressed me out a lot, I realize that.

ARCH gave me a lot of advice on choosing different curricula and which would suit me the best, and that really helped me later on to manage my time and balance my lifestyle. I’m really sporty and when applying to the States, they gave me a lot of advice on how I can contact the coaches and go on trial for soccer there, and that really helped.

ARCH helped me by having a team of expert staff who specialized in different SAT areas such as the critical reading and writing – they really helped me to increase my scores in the final SAT. More importantly, in the essay writing, they have a team of experts who helped me to strategize and gave me advice and helped me to structure my essays for the US universities.

In writing the essays for the US universities, ARCH helped me reflect on myself and at the end I [understood] myself much better compared to before all the advice about what my strengths are. I also learnt to emphasize on my strengths.

I would definitely recommend ARCH to people like me two years ago: people who really wanted to do well but did not have much of a clue how to do so. I think ARCH is the best guidance out there to help people who want to achieve their goals.

Stephen, University of Michigan offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

[My counselors] helped me prepare for my US university application – selecting schools, reviewing essays and preparing for interviews. They guided me on initiating a project in my IB department, setting SAT and IB target scores. They provided detailed suggestions on how to improve my essay and gave insights on universities that I could never find from books and websites…Overall, my counselors’ in-depth analysis of different schools, understanding of the culture and tradition and background of schools, and insightful comments on how to best portray my personal qualities through my essays have enhanced my application.

Z.Z., University of Southern California offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

After lots of deliberation, I finally chose USC! Thank you both so much for helping me perfect my applications to numerous schools over the past few months. It was stressful at times but thank you for motivating me and pushing me to get everything done. I'm extremely thankful for your encouragement and support and I definitely would not have gotten in to as many schools as I did without your help.

Once again, thank you so much!

Parent of Student, Washington University (St. Louis) offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

Many thanks to the ARCH team for taking Ivan through his education journey.  Not only he enjoyed his time in ARCH, he was also inspired by the effort and dedication offered by the team!

P.Z., accepted by Kent School

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

[The] whole process was much tougher than what I had expected. I just want to show my deepest gratitude for all the help you’ve given us…I have learnt something valuable [and] have a clearer picture of myself, which I think will be critical to my future development. Last of all, thanks again for everything you’ve done for us, I truly appreciate it!

D.Y., The Taft School offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me throughout the past three years. Your support has been greatly appreciated throughout the application process. I must admit the process was difficult and, without your assistance, I would not have made it this far!

Parent of J.C., New York University offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

Thank you guys, my husband is very pleased and I’m over excited that my son got into his first choice school NYU. Thank you so much for working with his essays. That was one of main factors that got him in, and all the strategic advices.

M.N., Brown University offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

Having applied to US, UK and HK universities, I found ARCH to be a great help in preparing for all these competitive yet very different university admission processes. They have a strong team of tutors who were experienced and supportive, identifying schools that fitted my character and interests. By the end of the process, I have received offers from top schools in all of these locations. Having little to no experience with the American education system, the tutors gave me much valuable advice for the SATs and application writing skills. I am delighted to be looking back at the wonderful work of these devoted admission counsellors while enjoying my freshman year at Brown!

C.Z., Cornell University

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - US

Thank you for your guidance and support - whether it is offering strategies on applying to schools, giving me insights into each school, boosting my profile with ECAs, or keeping track of my application. I cannot feel more comfortable working with any other people than with ARCH!

C.W., Cambridge offer holder in Natural Sciences with Scholarship; Cornell University offer holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - Multi-region

It’s no exaggeration to say that I’m forever indebted to Arch. They introduced me to the summer programme at Pembroke, Oxford, which led me to seriously consider courses in the Natural Sciences at an undergraduate level. Later on, their Oxbridge interview prep helped me develop critical and lateral thinking skills, while improving my subject knowledge. Their guidance to US schools was also top-notch; they provided fantastic insights into the “personalities” of different institutes, which allowed me to find the right tone for my essays. Thank you Arch; it’s been an amazing two years with you guys!

Wharton, Oxford Bio-chem and Yale offers holder

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - Multi-region

I choose ARCH because they gave me the right preparation for both the UK and US application. Each counselling session is tailor made and suited to your own needs.

For Oxbridge, the question I had in mind was “what could interviews be like” and that was the biggest question. How ARCH helped me was that they provided me with different question types that could possibly appear in the interview, and guided through the academic reading that I should go through to prepare for this interview. 

K.G., Offers from 9 universities, including KCL for Business Management; and U of Toronto

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - Multi-region

My counselor helped me with an excellent and perfect idea for my personal statement and we worked together for the structures and content of the essay. She also provided suggestions for my university choices. ARCH Consultants have a good understanding of my future goals and career. They even read my textbook from summer school course to get a general knowledge of my summer course content! For Interview Preparation, my tutor asked me several questions both self-related and society-related. These questions seemed to be easy to answer, however, in order to give a good answer I realised that I should answer it from different prospective with the viewpoints that are different from others. This is what makes me to be the applicant that stands out.

F.Y., Cambridge Law & University of Pennsylvania acceptance

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - Multi-region

The excellent comments and thorough guidance I obtained made the application process much less daunting. I would definitely not have been able to obtain an offer from my dream college without ARCH's help!

Parent of Sophie, Cornell University and Offer from London School of Economics

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - Multi-region

I engaged ARCH for its US consulting services in Year 11 (Grade 10) for my daughter who is studying at a local international school. The global team with counselors based in the US gave insightful college-specific advice, always keeping an international perspective. There was ongoing consultation with the ARCH team throughout, including regular routine updates and ad hoc enquiries. Response time is fast and never beyond a day. 

At the end of Year 12 (Grade 11), I engaged ARCH to provide UK college consultancy. The holistic and interactive nature of ARCH’s cross-border advice ensured the best possible college outcome for my daughter; it also proved to be time and effort-efficient. My daughter received the highest quality advice from both consultants (US and UK) in their respective countries of specialisation.

ARCH’s consulting advice was specially invaluable in Year 13 (Grade 12): choice of teachers for recommendation and the drafting of self-profile to supplement teachers’ understanding, discussions regarding the merits of having other recommendations. The important task of brainstorming and editing the numerous personal statements and supplements was conducted with skill and sensitivity, a timeline was set well in advance and deadlines were met with prompting and reminders. 

The college application process is grueling for the student and the parents. I have entrusted the advisory role to a team that is far more patient and knowledgeable than I can ever hope to be. My daughter got into her first choice program at her dream college and that is due, in large measure, to ARCH’s mentorship and skilful guidance. As a bonus, she has the opportunity of observing first-hand the culture of commitment and professionalism that the ARCH team has demonstrated throughout the 2.5 years. I am one grateful parent!

N.C., HKU and CU offers holder in Medicine

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - HK

ARCH offered tremendous help in preparing me for interviews by the Medical Faculty of both the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011. Not only did ARCH provide me with a broad spectrum of medical knowledge apt for a prospective medical student, they also offered me ample inspiration and a holistic outlook into the medical career. Throughout the sessions I had with ARCH , the medic tutor was patient, understanding and encouraging. It was without a doubt that I had acquired a lot of solid advice from her which had stood me in good stead for the interviews. Thank you very much ARCH and Dr Caryn!!

A.I., HKU Fast Track offer holder in Medicine

06.05.2016 | Admissions Guidance - HK

For my Personal Statement preparation, the consultant told me to brainstorm a list of achievements and ECAs which I could put in my personal statement. Extra reading was suggested. Eg. Books from Oxbridge reading list and on medicinal chemistry (COX receptors). The consultant introduced more interesting sentence structures and information into my personal statement. I am very pleased with the final draft. I think it is one of the main reasons why I got interviews at my chosen universities.