(Critical Reading Intermediate)

The course is very interesting and I can learn a lot of extra information. I enjoyed the questions very much as they were more in-depth than the ones at school. I also learned about different things before they were taught at school, which really helped me. 

(Critical Reading Advanced)

It's a nice battleground of ideas, a great opportunity to train your writing and analytical skills and a place of intellectual gathering. 

(Critical Reading Advanced)

I learnt more about understanding poems and articles, as well as going deeper when I read. My reading speed has increased as well. I liked the way of teaching. The discussions in class improved my speaking. I also liked the questions asked as they made me think. 

(Critical Reading Advanced)

I liked the course because it was engaging and fun. I was able to use what were taught in my school life. We went through most of the things in class so there wouldn’t be any questions left unanswered. 

(SAT Literature)

Thank you for all the effort you put into teaching our class during the past two weeks. The way you've been able to guide us through difficult texts and explain challenging questions/answers has been very beneficial. Your passion and enthusiasm for literature is also really inspiring. Seriously, I wish my English teacher was like you.

CIS, Year 11, Socrates

This is not only 'thinking outside the box' but also making relationships between events, elaboration and judgemental skills.These skills will not only help with my studies but with the rest of my life! These topics are surely not taught at school.

DGS, Primary 6, Socrates

In secondary school, there will be liberal studies and the Socrates Program has helped me to think. It has aroused my interest in debates and helped me improve my rebuttal skills.

Yew Chung International School, Year 11, Socrates

Socrates has greatly benefited me and I’m definitely going to retake this class as I strongly believe the skills are retained through practice. Ultimately, this would help my future with no doubt, we have to have a clear mind on what’s happening around us as we’re living within the same society, it affects us anyhow. Furthermore, we should have the ability to have good analysis from multi-perspectives to make reliable judgments in the future. Socrates has it all.

SPCC, Year 7, Socrates

ARCH’s curriculum includes much more interactive and social activities. We get to communicate and cooperate with other students. The topics taught make us view things and issues in a completely new light. I think this ability to look beyond the surface is the key to my success. For essay writing, I learnt to choose the stronger points to write about and control the order of presenting arguments through importance and commonness.