Ivy League & US Universities Day

I specifically liked the part where Jennifer explained different cases on building profiles and grades. [The supplementary essay workshop] encouraged me to think out of the box and to be more creative. It was useful in helping us understand what I need to do to stand out.

Cambridge IB Eng Lit/Lang Bridging Programme

The course we well strucutred, especially on the topics. The level of relevance and difficulty is in ascending order, which students can catch up the progress easily. The course provides a lot of writing exercises and this helps students to polish their skills. I also learned to be more confident and steady on speaking in front of peers and teachers. 

P.Y., Chinese International School (Hangzhou)
Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship

Mock Trial is the most notable and prestigious activity I have ever done in my 15 years of life!

A.C., St Paul's Convent School
Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship

A good challenge is the spice of life; Inter-school Mock Trial is the spice of high school. Mock trial tests your ability to comprehend a sophisticated case, your ability to convince a jury and your ability to think on your feet. The best thing about the tournament, however, is the friends you make outside the court—they could be from opposing counsel who just objected during your direct examination. In a nutshell, Mock Trial was an unforgettable and glorious highlight of high school life.

Jimmy, Yew Chung International School
Global Aspiring Medic Conference

The conference is well-planned. The talks involves speakers from all aspects of science and they have made the most frontline researches sample to understand. I have really enjoyed the conference!

Brian, St Paul’s College
Global Aspiring Medic Conference

GAMC is an event that should be continued and the talks were extremely enlightening and informative. The conference was interesting and it was a great success, people were very enthusiastic and actively engaged in learning.

Tim Parkinson
Winchester College, Head Admissions

I thought all the pieces were strong in their own ways, particularly in how they got stuck in to the book and took risks to bring about a new ending, or offer an illuminating perspective.The standard was extremely high, with the very best pieces standing out by virtue of using clear original English to convey a credible and powerful message.