2019/2020 US University Admissions Results

Posted On 07.04.2020 | Arch Sharing

ARCH would like to congratulate our students on a successful application cycle! 41% of ARCH students received offers to Top 15, 70% to Top 30, and 91% to Top 50 schools!

Our students received acceptances from top US universities including Princeton University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Brown University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College and more!

US University Admissions 2019/2020 Acceptances (partial list):
Boston College (5)
Boston University (6)
Brandeis University (1)
Brown University (3)
Carnegie Mellon University (2)
Columbia University (4)
Cornell University (1)
Dartmouth College (1)
Duke University (1)
Emory University (3)
Johns Hopkins University (2)
New York University (3)
Northeastern University (4)
Princeton University (2)
Rice University (1)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1)
Tufts University (1)
University of California, Berkeley (6)
University of California, Davis (15)
University of California, Irvine (14)
University of California, Los Angeles (10)
University of California, San Diego (15)
University of California, Santa Barbara (9)
University of Chicago (5)
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2)
University of Michigan (7)
University of Pennsylvania (1)
University of Southern California (5)
University of Virginia (2)
University of Wisconsin, Madison (1)

& more

*Partial results. Stay tuned for the full results on our website

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