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Easter Exam Prep Intensive Offer – FREE Mock Test & Special Offers on Private Lessons!

Prepare IGCSE | IBDP | SAT | IAL | GCEAL | AP with Our Subject Specialists

22.03.2023 Read More
US Boarding School Admissions Results 2022/2023

Congratulations to Our Students for Achieving Incredible Results!

17.03.2023 Read More
Limited Offer: 50% off on Common Entrance Mock Assessment & Consultation

Get advice on your child’s learning plan in the coming years!

02.03.2023 Read More
New Launch: Aspire English Phonics Program for ages 3 to 6

The Aspire English Phonics Program aims to assist novice and emerging readers by engaging them in vocabulary extension activities, fine motor training, and practice with rhymes and rhythms.

24.02.2023 Read More
Congratulations to Our 2022/23 Oxbridge Offer Holders!

We celebrate 33% of our Oxbridge applicants receiving offers in yet another tough year! These statistics, with 50% Cambridge acceptance and 17% Oxford acceptance, significantly exceed official admissions data!

03.02.2023 Read More
Prepare for the NEW SAT – Mock Test & Private Lessons with Our Test Prep Specialists!

Are you familiar with the new SAT format? Have you found relevant resources for practice?

14.01.2023 Read More
Last Minute Prep for Top UK Boarding School Interviews with Our Admissions Specialists!

Boarding school interviews evaluate applicants beyond academic aptitude.

06.01.2023 Read More
US University Early Admissions Result 2022/2023

Record Results for ARCH students’ 2022/2023 US Early Admission! After months and years of hard work, we are proud to report this year’s ARCH students have achieved record results at multiple top US universities!

28.12.2022 Read More
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