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Summer Medic Series (Jul - Aug 2022) | For Ages 7 - 17

Eager to pursue medicine at university? Look no further than our Summer Medic Series – an array of exclusive and unprecedented opportunities geared towards to nurturing tomorrow’s doctors!

23.06.2022 Read More
Summer Experiential Learning Programs | Sign up to enjoy the promotion discount Now!

Taught by practitioners and industry experts, ARCH’s Experiential Learning Programs immerse our students in exciting journeys learning and applying knowledge, skills and competencies essential for careers of today and the future!

01.06.2022 Read More
200+ Offers into UK G5, US Top 30, Medicine & Law Schools Despite An Unprecedent Year of Admissions!

ARCH students continue to achieve stellar results for applications to Oxbridge/ G5 and top 30 and Ivy League US universities in yet another unprecedented admissions cycle!

16.05.2022 Read More
The SPARK Program

Student-driven academic and leadership program that seeks to empower the next generation of youth scholars.

06.05.2022 Read More
Onsite Learning Resumes! Sign up for Summer Programs to Enjoy Early Bird Offers Now!

Join in ARCH’s Skills Enrichment Programs to boost your grammar, vocab and language skills! Our skills enrichment programs help students improve how they THINK, SPEAK, READ, WRITE and DEBATE and master the foundational skills needed to thrive in today’s a

29.04.2022 Read More
US University Admissions Results 2021/22 – Congratulations to Our Strongest Results Yet!

After a season of unprecedented applications to top universities across the United States, we are thrilled that our students came out on top – going above and beyond to get into their dream colleges!

16.04.2022 Read More
ARCH Education has become an official member of CTF Education Group

We are excited to announce that ARCH Education has become an official member of CTF Education Group (CTFEG)! This marks an important milestone in ARCH’s growth as we celebrate our 13th anniversary this year.

14.04.2022 Read More
Teaching Video Series: How to Excel Your Score in IB Internal Assessment?

Sign up for “How to Excel Your Score in IB Internal Assessment” video series which are powered by ARCH’s subject specialists in Mathematics, Economics, Biology and Chemistry.

31.03.2022 Read More
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