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Find Your Direction with ARCH Education!

Our Mission

We’re a Hong Kong based educational learning center with a mission to help students bridge gaps in their education and find their unique direction in primary and secondary school, university, and beyond! 

For students ages 7 to 20, we provide a wide range of educational offerings, including skill-based enrichment courses, academic tuition and test prep, and admissions consulting for boarding schools and universities in the UK and US.

We’re proud to help students - not only from Hong Kong but also from across the world in places like the UK, the US, Mainland China, Singapore, Australia, and more - find their direction, potential, and confidence to transform their educational dreams into reality!

Our Story

In 2009, Jennifer Ma and Jennifer Yu founded our company to help students in Hong Kong bridge gaps in their education and develop the foundational skills needed to thrive at UK and US boarding schools and universities.

Having both returned to Hong Kong after over 7 years in investment banking, they were inspired by their career exposure and years of commitment to and continued affiliation with their boarding schools and universities.

ARCH Education has since become an educational learning center for students during every step of their education journey – we like to call it the ARCH Pathway!

Starting as early as age 7, students and families can come to ARCH to receive expert guidance and educational offerings to prepare them for today’s most rewarding academic and professional settings.

Bridging the Education Gap

We aim to help our students get the most out of every step of their education by addressing common gaps in:

Critical thinking, collaboration and communication are three essential skills for the 21st century. With our skills enrichment courses, we aim to help our students develop these skills so that they’re prepared to thrive.


Sometimes important concepts and key information need to be refreshed outside of the classroom. With onsite and online tutoring, we aim to help our students identify and overcome gaps in their learning.


To help our students reach their full potential, we help them plan ahead and prepare well for their future at boarding schools, universities, or postgraduate programs.


Studying in the wrong curriculum can have negative consequences for some students. We aim to help students find the curriculum that best suits their learning styles with our pre-university programs.


Exposure to the right opportunities can be transformative. Our non-profit arm, ARCH Community Outreach, aims to broaden Hong Kong youths’ exposure to international education opportunities.


As a student or fresh graduate, building the right skills and making the right decision for your first job can be confusing. We aim to lead our students in the right direction with our career advisory program.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of educational offerings to help students ages 7 to 20 bridge gaps in their education and develop the skills they need for academic and professional success.


For students ages 7 to 16 to learn and improve foundational skills in critical thinking, speaking, critical reading, writing and debate

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For students preparing to apply to boarding schools, universities, or postgraduate programs in the UK, US, Hong Kong and more

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For students looking for group classes or one-on-one tutoring for a variety academic subjects covered in international curricula and UK & US standardized entrance exams

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For students who need to take official aptitude tests and entrance exams for UK universities and boarding schools

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For secondary school students who would benefit from full-time 1-year programs offering an alternative path to progress to top universities worldwide

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