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Looking for an alternative route for university admissions in case your DSE or IB results do not meet entry requirement?

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Summer Term Programs

Boost your grammar, vocab and language skills! Sign up to enjoy the promotion discount now!

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Primary Preparation Summer Camp

How can we best prepare young children for their P1 interviews? For children preparing to enter primary school this Fall, what steps can they take to smoothly transition from kindergarten? Our Primary Preparation Summer Camp aims to prepare children for P1 interviews and transition to primary school!

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Summer Experiential Learning Programs

Taught by practitioners and industry experts, ARCH’s Experiential Learning Programs immerse our students in exciting journeys learning and applying knowledge, skills and competencies essential for careers of today and the future!

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Pre-University Industry Exposure Program

ARCH’s Pre-University Industry Exposure Program seeks to connect the inspiration that drives students’ university choices with the future careers that they envision. By bringing together professionals from different fields, we strive to expose students to role models who will share their experience and expertise.

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Congratulations to Our 2023/24 Oxbridge Offer Holders!

We are thrilled to announce ARCH's outstanding Oxbridge admissions results across various subject disciplines, including medicine, law, and PPE! These achievements reflect our dedication to excellence and showcase the remarkable success of our students.

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2023/2024 US University Admissions Results

Record Results for ARCH students’ 2023/2024 US University Admissions! After months and years of hard work, we are proud to report this year’s ARCH students have achieved record results at multiple US universities!

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Case Studies

School : University of Oxford (Biomedical Sciences)
Admission Results : Oxford, Imperial, UCL, Edinburg
Education Path : HK International School > UK University
Year of Study : 2022
Journey at ARCH : UK University Admissions Consulting, Tuition & Test Prep

I'm genuinely grateful for all of the support and guidance ARCH has given me. I can confidently say that I would not have achieved my admissions results in the UK had it not been for the resources ARCH provided me with. While the application process for Oxford seemed incredibly daunting initially, my consultant and mytutors helped to break it down for me and made it far more manageable. I received invaluable feedback on my personal statement, especially in the early stages, making the writing process much less difficult than expected. Also, my tutors prepared me extremely well for the BMAT and the Oxford interviews. Thank you so much to Arch!

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School : Stanford University
Admission Results : Harvard, Stanford
Education Path : US Boarding School > US University
Journey at ARCH : US Boarding School & University Admissions Consulting

I am very grateful to have ARCH by my side during my University application process. ARCH is extra helpful in reminding me of due dates and guiding me to get my essays completed at a good pace and before the deadlines. I appreciate getting help in brainstorm ideas, understanding how to use my own voice and to bring out the best version of me in my essays. Thank you ARCH for all your insights and invaluable advice.

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E.C. (ACO Student)
School : University of Cambridge (Human, Social and Political Sciences)
Admission Results : Cambridge, LSE, UCL, Durham and KCL
Education Path : HK Local School > UK University
Journey at ARCH : ACO: Tuition & Test Prep, UK University Admissions Consulting

There is no way I can have this level of success without help from ARCH. Thanks again for all the support I get from ARCH throughout my entire application process. I would like to express my profound gratitude for receiving invaluable advice through the University Application Support program.

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School : University of Pennsylvania
Education Path : HK International School > US University
Journey at ARCH : US University Admissions Consulting

When I first started at ARCH, I had no experience at all with US universities. I went in to university counselling expecting a strict, deadline-based counselor who would drown any essay I wrote in a sea of red annotations. While the deadlines remained an unfortunate reality, my counselors were a brilliant mix of demanding and encouraging, so working with them was smooth sailing. No essay drowning occurred. Well before the admissions process began, my counselors had already planned out my essay-writing timeline, and I was quite relaxed going into the process because I knew exactly when everything was due. They also gave me advice on what to do to improve my CV more over the couple years that I knew them. This was extremely useful, as I wouldn’t have thought of doing half the things that I did if it weren’t for them, and having 2 counselors meant that I got more advice, so that was great. Throughout the admissions process, not only did they keep me motivated to write the myriad of essays, their edits were also really helpful and I got to improve my own writing skills along the way. To prepare for interviews, I also had some mock interviews with another counselor. This was really beneficial because I had never done a school interview before, so the heads-up on what to expect and do was really appreciated and helped ease my anxieties about it. In the end, I’m really grateful to ARCH, especially my counselors, for helping me get through the treacherous sea that is US college admissions!

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School : Cheltenham Ladies College
Education Path : HK International School > UK Boarding School
Journey at ARCH : UK Boarding School Admissions Consulting, Tuition & Test Prep

I want to say “Thank you” to ARCH. I am very pleased with the services they provide in the past few years. ARCH’s tutors are experienced in that they can easily identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and also their class materials are super useful. The consultant is professional and supportive. She is very familiar with the process and gives suitable suggestions and advice to parents at different stages of the application process.

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School : Deerfield Academy
Admission Results : Deerfield, Milton Academy, Westminster School, Suffield Academy
Education Path : HK International School > US Boarding School
Journey at ARCH : US Boarding School Admissions Consulting, Tuition & Test Prep

I am eternally grateful to ARCH for their generous contributions to my application process. Without the help from my consultant and everyone on the ARCH team, there is no way I can made it this far. It also goes without saying that I am indebted to ARCH. I promise to work hard and reap what we have collectively sown. I greatly appreciate the assistance I receive during the test prep, essay prep and interview prep sessions.

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School : Winchester College
Admission Results : Westminster School, Winchester College
Education Path : HK Local School > UK Boarding School
Journey at ARCH : UK Boarding School Admissions Consulting, Skills Enrichment, Tuition & Test Prep

We are tremendously grateful to everyone at ARCH who has contributed to our son’s academic and personal development. It is such a mammoth task to prepare a child who is barely ten or eleven to sit for various challenging assessments for entry to boarding schools in the UK. ARCH has made a strong commitment to having close communication so that the learning plan can be constantly reviewed and shaped to be effective. As parents, we are overjoyed to see the positive changes in our son from his cognitive ability to interview sills, personality and interests. Thanks again to ARCH!

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School : Choate Rosemary Hall
Education Path : HK International School > US Boarding School
Journey at ARCH : US Boarding School Admissions Consulting, Tuition & Test Prep

During my boarding school application process, in the beginning my parents and I are unsure how we are going to organise my application as there is a list of things I have to do which includes several essays and questions for me to answer. I have a hard time coming up with what to write for my essays and I don’t know if there are of top quality. I also know that it will take a long time to edit my work and make everything perfect. I have to do all this alongside my SSATs and I worry if I can manage. However, with the assistance from ARCH everything becomes a lot easier. Throughout the process, ARCH assist me with brainstorming and structuring my essays. They guide me and help bring out the best in me and show me that I am capable. They strengthen my writing skills and they give me insights into studying at a boarding school. They help me improve my SSATs scores with practices and training. With a lot of guidance and hardwork, I am able to achieve the score that I am proud of. ARCH steadily prepares me for my future boarding school experience and now I am ready and confident to start a new chapter in my life.

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Our Services

ARCH Education Center (Central) provides a wide range of educational offerings, including skill-based enrichment courses, academic tuition and test preparation for students age 3-18; while ARCH Education Consulting guides students for preparing the application to boarding schools and universities in the UK and US.

Admissions Consulting

ARCH Education Consulting guides students for preparing the application to boarding schools and universities in the UK and US.

Language & Enrichment

ARCH Education Center (Central) provides a wide range of educational offerings, including skill-based enrichment courses, academic tuition and test preparation for students age 5-16.

Academic & Tuition

For students looking for group classes or one-on-one tutoring for a variety academic subjects covered in international curricula and UK & US standardized entrance exams



Meet our talented team of admissions consultants, teachers, and tutors who guide our students to reach their full potential!

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Jennifer Ma Founder & Managing Partner
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Jennifer Yu Founder & Managing Partner
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Ruby Fu Assistant Director of UK Admissions Counseling & Specialist Instructor (Physics)
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Marybeth Hodson Senior Partner & Director of US Boarding School Admissions Counseling
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Roger Dinh Assistant Director of US University Admissions Counseling
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Angus Hsu UK Admissions Consultant (Medicine) & Specialist Instructor (Chemistry, Biology)
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Taylor Coplen Senior US Consultant
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Sandeep Kamal Chulani Debate Instructor
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Jonathan Watts Senior UK Boarding School Consultant
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