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As Hong Kong’s leading international education center, we’re proud to have received official recognition from prominent academic institutions across the world.

Having done so allows us to offer you and other bright young students across Hong Kong access to official Cambridge assessment admissions testing, outstanding pre-university programs from the University of London and St. George’s University, and expert admissions consultants certified by the Independent Education Consultants Association.

University of London

In 2014, we became part of the University of London’s network of over 120 formally Recognised Teaching Centres. To achieve and maintain this recognition, we continue to meet their set of quality criteria.

As a formally recognised teaching centre, the University of London provides our staff with a range of guidance and support across marketing and student support services.

Learn more about the University of London Foundation Programme at ARCH Education Center (Central). 

St. George’s University

In 2019, St. George’s University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ARCH Education Center (Central).

The agreement establishes a pathway for our students to transfer to and complete either the six-, five- or four-year MD or DVM program at SGU’s School of Medicine or School of Veterinary Medicine, depending on which courses they have already taken.

SGU has also agreed to provide up to five scholarships per year to our students who are eligible for admission through one of the established pathways.

Our students who successfully complete their Doctor of Medicine at SGU will be eligible to apply for residency programs in the United States or for postgraduate training in England, on which they can build successful medical careers.

Students who opt for the veterinary medicine pathway will be eligible to apply for licensure to practice in the US and other countries around the world.

Learn more about SGU Pre-Medicine Foundation Program at ARCH Education Center (Central).

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing

We are an official exam centre for the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing.

This recognition means that you can come to our center to take any of the following exams:


Learn more about Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing at ARCH Education Center (Central).

Independent Education Consultants Association

As members of the IECA, the professional organization representing US school and college admissions counselors, ARCH Education Consulting’s senior US boarding school team demonstrates that they are knowledgeable professionals with experience in admissions counseling.

Having met educational and experience qualifications for membership, we regularly visit boarding schools to meet with boarding school admissions directors and stay up-to-date with the programs available to our students.

Learn more about US Boarding School Admissions Consulting at ARCH Education Consulting.

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