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1-on-1 UK Boarding School Interview Prep with Former and Current Admissions Tutors

What message is this painting trying to relay? What would the world be like if people continue to emphasise on Sciences over the Arts?

09.10.2020 Read More
LAST CALL: Oxbridge Aptitude Tests & Interview Preparation

After you have submitted your UCAS application for 2021 entry, you should also prepare for aptitude tests and interviews!

09.10.2020 Read More
24/7 Tuition Support for Secondary & University Students

Looking for high-quality tuition after school in UK time zone? Or in late hours Hong Kong time? Over the weekend and on public holidays?

29.09.2020 Read More
NEW LAUNCH: ARCH Academic Ongoing Guidance

Looking for an effective way to boost your kid’s academic performance? Wondering how to set a better study plan based on his/her ability to reach higher goals? ARCH’s academic advisors are here to help!

16.09.2020 Read More
2021 Internship Opportunities - Get Prepared with ARCH's Professional Advisors!

ARCH provides professional help to increase your chances at securing an internship offer! Internship applications are now open for the following industries! If you are seeking an internship and want to maximise your chances, speak with our professional a

10.09.2020 Read More
Resumption of Onsite Lessons from Sep 16

With Hong Kong turning to a period of new normal, ARCH is also preparing to resume our onsite lessons starting from September 16 (Wednesday) by following the schedule:

07.09.2020 Read More
Webinar RSVP: COVID 19’s Impact on US Boarding School Admissions

Webinar RSVP: COVID 19’s Impact on US Boarding School Admissions

04.09.2020 Read More
For US Boarding School Students: ARCH Inter-School Clubs and Activities

As more US boarding school students prepare to stay in Hong Kong and begin the Fall semester remotely due to Covid-19, many are worried that they may be missing out on the full boarding experience without the on-campus interaction and engagement. ARCH is

28.08.2020 Read More
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