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Webinar RSVP: US University Early Admissions Results 2020/2021

It’s an opportunity for ARCH counsellors to discuss their experiences from this past cycle, offer predictions and strategies from 2020/21, and provide advice to students on overcoming the challenges to prepare for a strong application next year.

16.01.2021 View Detail
Medic Multiple Mini Interview Workshop

Have you applied to HKU and UK medical schools but you are unfamiliar with the new MMI? Join our Medic MMI Workshop delivered by qualified doctor Angus Hsu and other medical practitioners.

13.12.2020 View Detail
December SSAT Jeopardy

There ‘snow better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than to join our December SSAT Jeopardy game to test your SSAT verbal preparedness and learn new words!

12.12.2020 View Detail
RSVP: Oxbridge & UK Medicine Admissions Webinar

How might COVID impact the coming few years’ of Oxbridge and top university admissions? Does college matter? How to increase my chances? We will share our latest insights to aid your decision making when considering Oxbridge applications!

04.12.2020 View Detail
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