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We are a team of 200+ dedicated consultants, teachers and tutors who inspire students to find their direction and reach their full potential. 

Beyond the core team in Hong Kong, we also have consultants based in the UK and the US.

Jennifer Ma
Founder & Managing Partner
Jennifer Yu
Founder & Managing Partner
Marybeth Hodson
Senior Partner & Director of US Boarding School Admissions Counseling
Jonathan Watts
Senior UK Boarding School Consultant
Roger Dinh
Assistant Director of US University Admissions Counseling
Ruby Fu
Assistant Director of UK Admissions Counseling & Specialist Instructor (Physics)
Taylor Coplen
Senior US Consultant
Jonas Lind
Senior US Consultant
Angus Hsu
UK Admissions Consultant (Medicine) & Specialist Instructor (Chemistry, Biology)
Patricia Leung
Senior UK Consultant
Victoria O-Young
UK Admissions Consultant
Alan Cai
US Admissions Consultant
Emily Chen
US Admissions Consultant
Jana Sin
Senior US Consultant
Juliet Levesque
US Admission Consultant
Clarissa Lee
UK Admissions Consultant & Instructor
Sabrina Siu
UK Admissions Consultant
Catherine Chung
Senior UK & HK Consultant
Jessie Wat
Senior UK Consultant
August Lam
School Admissions Consultant
Grace Lan
US Admissions Consultant
Paul J. Tines
Arts Portfolio Admissions Consultant
Liam Murphy
Director of English Language and Literature
Jonathan Blease
Enrichment Lead
Billy Chiu
Senior Instructor and Curriculum Developer
Crystal Chan
English & Enrichment Instructor
Sandeep Kamal Chulani
Debate Instructor
Leizel Lee
English Critical Reading & Writing Instructor
Nathan Lee
Assistant Head of Mathematics
Alexander Yu
Head of English & US Test Prep
Alex Wong
Assistant Head of Sciences
Lee Fan
Chemistry & Reasoning Instructor
Albert Sun
Mathematics, Economics & Accounting Instructor
Teresa Fung
English Instructor & Curriculum Developer
Alex Szeto
English Instructor
Wilson Liu
Mathematics Instructor
Andrew Yip
Mathematics Instructor
Timothy Baek
Philosophy & English Instructor
Tarek Schoehl
Mathematics & Physics Instructor
Arthur Cheung
Biology & Enrichment Instructor
Charlotte Ngai
Chemistry Instructor
Eric Meikle
English Literature & US Test Prep Instructor
Gordon Liu
Mathematics Instructor
Jason Wong
Zara Leung
English Instructor
Stephen Ross
Physics, Mathematics and Science Instructor
Francis Au
Geography & History Instructor
Miuccia Chan
English Literature Instructor
Derek Lam
Mathematics Instructor
Amy Burry
English Instructor
Gabrielle Lau
English Test Prep Instructor
Kai Wilkinson
English & Psychology Instructor
Iris Cheung
English & Mathematics Instructor
Haven Lee
Humanities Instructor
Acube Ma
Mathematics Instructor
Barnabas Lai
Mathematics Instructor
Angus Choy
Physics Instructor
Tim Chan
Physics Instructor
Aafra Zarnaz
Science Instructor
US & UK Test Prep Online Instructor
Jimmy Joe Ni
Business & Economics Online Instructor
Oscar Kong
Psychology, Biology & Test Prep Online Instructor
Steven Glaser
Geography & Chemistry Online Instructor
Russell Pointin
Mathematics Online Instructor
Hanan Rimawi
US Test Prep Online Instructor
Vivian Yuen
Psychology Instructor
Anita Shum
Founder | Mini Mandarins
Qiu Mengqi
Curriculum Designer | Mini Mandarins
Tian Wang
Senior Instructor | Mini Mandarins
Lianna Lee
Senior Instructor | Mini Mandarins
Victoria Tong
Aspire English Instructor
Ivy Yiu
Senior Chinese Early Childhood Educator

Grace Lan

New York University
US Admissions Consultant

Grace attended Diocesan Girls’ School and Milton Academy in Massachusetts, USA. During her formative years, Grace participated in various competitive sports such as netball, table-tennis, and field and track.  She also frequented Speech and Music Festivals as an alto singer and a speech recitalist.  As a Senior at Milton Academy, Grace represented the School at the International Mathematical Olympiad.  She double majored in CPA Accounting and Finance and minored in Political Science at the Stern School of Business, New York University.  During her time in University, Grace partially supported herself while working 20 hours a week as an Accounting Intern at Credit Suisse First Boston.

Upon graduating from New York University, Grace attained her qualification as a Certified Public Accountant in New York State while practicing as a forensic accountant with Ernst & Young LLP in New York City.  Grace has worked on high-profile accounting fraud cases such as the Enron bankruptcy, and charges related to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  She then moved back to Hong Kong with Merrill Lynch as an Investment Banker.  Having built her foundation in Investment Banking, she transitioned to the trading floor.  Upon leaving Merrill Lynch, Grace joined JP Morgan, then ultimately, Citigroup as a derivatives sales trader covering large Hong Kong corporates. After 8 years in the banking industry, she decided to put a temporary halt in her career to focus on raising a family.

Grace is a black belt in Taekwondo and a Grade 8 pianist.  When she is not busy chasing around her four young children, she enjoys reading, running, and cooking for her family.  Grace is the Vice Chair of Friends of Harrow at Harrow International School Hong Kong and she volunteers extensively at the School.  She hopes to share her experience as a former boarding school student with families who may be looking into that path as an option.

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