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We are a team of 200+ dedicated consultants, teachers and tutors who inspire students to find their direction and reach their full potential. 

Beyond the core team in Hong Kong, we also have consultants based in the UK and the US.

Jennifer Ma
Founder & Managing Partner
Jennifer Yu
Founder & Managing Partner
Albert Ma
Director of Education Services (Academic & Enrichment)
Marybeth Hodson
Senior Partner & Director of US Boarding School Admissions Counseling
Jonathan Watts
Senior UK Boarding School Consultant
Roger Dinh
Assistant Director of US University Admissions Counseling
Ruby Fu
Assistant Director of UK Admissions Counseling & Specialist Instructor (Physics)
Angus Hsu
UK Admissions Consultant (Medicine) & Specialist Instructor (Chemistry, Biology)
Taylor Coplen
Senior US Consultant
Margeaux Perkins
Senior US Consultant
Sean Massa
Senior US Consultant & US Test Prep Instructor
Erin Ross Moses
Senior US Consultant
Andrew Yip
UK Admissions Consultant & Mathematics Instructor
Ophelia Chan
UK Admissions Consultant
Patricia Leung
UK Admissions Consultant
Nathalie Fok
US Admissions Consultant
Jana Sin
US Admissions Consultant
Paul J. Tines
Arts Portfolio Admissions Consultant
Grace Lan
US Admissions Consultant
Angel Ayala
US Admissions Consultant
Luke Sales
Brian Yang
Instructor and Curriculum Developer
Leizel Lee
Timothy Baek
Jonathan Blease
Andrew Gilbert
Billy Chiu
Sandeep Kamal Chulani
Debate Instructor
Ivan Chan
Nathan Lee
Assistant Head of Mathematics
Alexander Yu
Head of English & US Test Prep
Lee Fan
Chemistry Instructor
Albert Sun
Mathematics Instructor
Toman Lam
Chemistry Instructor
Teresa Fung
English Instructor
Alex Szeto
English Instructor
Chris Wong
Physics & Mathematics Instructor
Wilson Liu
Mathematics Instructor
Josephine Lee
Biology Instructor
Alex Wong
Math and Science Instructor
Bonnie Tang
English Instructor
Claudia Cheung
English and Spanish Instructor
Victoria O-Young
Jack Mills
Economics Instructor
Hanan Rimawi
Wesley Richardson
History Instructor
Derek Lam
Mathematics Instructor
Taylor WU
Chinese Language & Literature Instructor
Iván Serrano Arias
Spanish Instructor
Amy Burry
English Instructor
Danielle Berthoud
Biology Instructor
Gabrielle Lau
English Test Prep Instructor
Kai Wilkinson
English and Psychology Instructor
Jonathan Lowe
Iris Cheung
Alastor M. Coleby
Humanities Instructor
Nicholas Bacarella
US Test Prep Online Instructor
Jayson McNaughton
Economics and Mathematics Online Instructor
Danny Jacobs
US Test Prep Online Instructor
Davina Langdale
Science Online Instructor
US & UK Test Prep Online Instructor
Dr Caryn Wujanto
Senior UK Consultant
Jimmy Joe Ni
Business and Economics Online Instructor
Wesley Tucker
Chemistry and Biology Instructor
Haven Lee
Humanities Instructor
Tebbie Tung
Mathematics Instructor

Haven Lee

University of Hong Kong
Humanities Instructor

Haven accomplished an outstanding academic achievement on his IGCSE & IB examination under PLYCKY school with scholarship recognitions from universities in 2016. He graduated from the bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture under the University of Hong Kong with Dean’s Honors List and publication in sustainable development and boarder geographical issues in 2020. Currently, Haven is pursuing a postgraduate degree in Master of Landscape Architecture under the University of Hong Kong to explore the interdisciplinary connection between art, geography, and ecology. 

Haven is a passionate and motivated educator in the field of design & humanities with professional background in landscape architecture. Since 2016, he has worked as an instructor for geography, art & design in the IBDP and IGCSE curricula, where he emphasizes on the development in techniques, examination skills and expression for their works, portfolios and extended essays. Haven helps students to improve their response in open-ended questions through process from consolidating their ideas to expression.  He is also responsible for analyzing and predicting the typologies of questions in the IBDP and IGCSE curricula. Haven aspires to bring an interactive and enjoyable learning to students, as he believes such settings best encourage creativity and critical thinking, which is a core skill set in response to exam and further education. 

At ARCH, Haven will be guiding IB and IGCSE students in Geography, Design and Tech as well as portfolio building for aspiring architecture and design students. He will also guide learners of Mathematics as well.

Outside of the classroom, Haven is passionate in contemporary art and architecture, especially in the study of their forms and stories. He enjoys philosophical discussions on theories and history of arts. While for research interest, he emphasizes on community oriented participatory designs and ecological conservation for future integration of nature under a complex urban fabric. 


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