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How to Cultivate Your Character This Summer – Facing Challenges, Making Friends, And Embracing Your International Student Identity

Attending a boarding school summer program is not only an opportunity to learn new skills and gain knowledge but also a chance to cultivate your character. US boarding schools highly value character skills and emotional readiness, so it only makes sense that in addition to providing scores and/ or comments on your academic performance, many summer reports evaluate collaboration skills, attitudes, approaches to learning, and how you contribute to residential life.

12.06.2024Read More
SSAT: Test Score Requirements on the Rise Again – Understanding Why and How to Prepare

The SSAT is the primary standardized test used in US Boarding School admissions. While submitting SSAT scores is optional at many schools, the number of schools that require applicants to do so is increasing. Why is this happening, and how can applicants prepare?

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Do You Need to Be a Straight A Student to Study Law?

Studying law has traditionally been seen as the purview of the academically elite, and the practice of it even more so. To gain a place on such a competitive course at a top UK university, how should you choose the subjects which will maximise your chances of success? How much work experience or extra-curricular debating and MUN is sufficient? If you fail to secure a place on your desired law course, what options do you have? Read on to find out!

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US Boarding School Application: SSAT - To Send or Not to Send?

Grades and teacher recommendations are the primary ways schools evaluate students' academic readiness in the US boarding application process. However, SSAT provides another data point for students to increase academic confidence. When deciding whether to send your SSAT scores to a boarding school, there are a few things to consider.

12.12.2023Read More
5 Tips for Getting Great Recommendation Letters for US Boarding School

Recommendations are crucial when applying to US boarding schools. They provide valuable insights into who you are as a student and a person. A strong recommendation can showcase your strengths and potential, while a weak one can raise concerns. Choose recommenders who know you well and can speak to your academic abilities and character to ensure a strong recommendation. Schools typically require recommendations from your current-year English Teacher, Math Teacher, and School Counselor. Some schools may allow or require additional recommendations, such as one from an area of interest or a personal recommendation. A personal recommendation from someone who knows you well is better than a general one from someone with power or prestige.

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What to Look for When Researching US Boarding Schools?

When selecting the right boarding school for your child, it's important to do your research. For many families, the process typically begins with the school's website. Most boarding school websites show happy students engaged in classes and activities. They feature impressive buildings and unique programs. Most have a small faculty-to-student ratio and offer impressive pathways to the top US universities. Families often come to us excited about what boarding schools provide and need clarification about how to tell them apart, making it challenging for them to come up with a school list or define their top choices once they’ve applied. Here are a few things we recommend considering in your search for the right fit.

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US Boarding School Application: The Importance of School Involvement & Leadership

While academic performance is undoubtedly important, other factors can also play a significant role in your application. Two of the most important aspects that admissions officers seek are leadership and school involvement.

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Behind the Doors of Oxbridge Interviews

You have written a compelling personal statement, passed any aptitude tests or written assessments with flying colours, and reached the infamous Oxbridge interview stage. Congratulations, but how are you going to ace your life’s most important thirty minutes to date, and what should you do when you are presented with seemingly irrelevant questions in an Oxbridge interview? As cliché and obvious as it may sound, Oxbridge are looking for someone with the academic potential and being the best, if not at least one of the best, in their chosen course. Therefore, any apparently unrelated questions that you could have been asked in the interview are in fact, subject specific.

18.09.2023Read More
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