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5 Ways to Enhance Your Profile for US Boarding School Application

What is an extracurricular “profile” and how should a student go about developing an “impactful” one? Read on to get some expert tips from our US Boarding School Admissions team to learn how to maximize your chances of getting into your dream school with an awesome profile!

28.09.2022Read More
4 Popular Alternative Courses to Medicine

Besides practical reasons such as doubly difficult admissions requirements and heightened competition, why might alternative healthcare courses be potentially more promising pathways than Medicine? In case today’s 4-most trending subjects have not yet crossed your mind and Medicine is all you have considered, this is the last chance for you to explore and choose your university subject choices wisely and thoroughly!

13.09.2022Read More
3 Reasons To Study Medicine Overseas

With the government’s recognition of a total of 50 overseas medical qualifications so far, there is all the more reason for students to pursue medicine overseas as trained doctors with these qualifications will be eligible to practise in Hong Kong. As global health continues to gain prominence in the post-COVID 19 era, what are the perks of an overseas medicine education and how should students take advantage of such perks during their studies and beyond?

25.08.2022Read More
Waitlisted: How to Maximize your Chances of US University Admissions

Did you just receive a ‘Waitlist’ admission decision and unsure about what to do next? Read on to get some expert tips from our ARCH US Admissions team to learn how to maximize your chances of getting into your dream school!

20.04.2022Read More
Top traits to Consider when Choosing a Guardian for your Child

Identifying a supportive, responsive and reliable point of contact as your child's UK guardian is never easy. Be it through Guardianship organisations or referrals, what are the key considerations?

16.12.2021Read More
5 Mistakes to Avoid at your Oxbridge Interview

Make the wait for your fateful Oxbridge interview invite worthwhile by getting a head start with interview preparation, which includes practising how best to avoid common Oxbridge interview mistakes.

26.11.2021Read More
Do's and Don’ts for UCAS Personal Statements

Much as we are pondering how best to pen our article this time round, you are probably feeling like a cat on hot bricks scrabbling for inspirations and tips to help you draft a killer statement that would grip university admissions’ attention from start to finish. Our first piece of advice is: read on! From what an outstanding personal statement entails to the Don’ts to keep clear from, our sharing will equip you with just the right number of considerations as you are writing your own. So rack your brain no more!

08.10.2021Read More
Why Should Children Start Reading Classics at an Early Age?

Many parents find themselves at the losing end of trying to divert their children’s attention away from screens and social media in favor of getting them to read books instead..

24.09.2021Read More
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