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Waitlisted: How to Maximize your Chances of US University Admissions

Did you just receive a ‘Waitlist’ admission decision and unsure about what to do next? Read on to get some expert tips from our ARCH US Admissions team to learn how to maximize your chances of getting into your dream school!

20.04.2022Read More
Top traits to Consider when Choosing a Guardian for your Child

Identifying a supportive, responsive and reliable point of contact as your child's UK guardian is never easy. Be it through Guardianship organisations or referrals, what are the key considerations?

16.12.2021Read More
5 Mistakes to Avoid at your Oxbridge Interview

Make the wait for your fateful Oxbridge interview invite worthwhile by getting a head start with interview preparation, which includes practising how best to avoid common Oxbridge interview mistakes.

26.11.2021Read More
Do's and Don’ts for UCAS Personal Statements

Much as we are pondering how best to pen our article this time round, you are probably feeling like a cat on hot bricks scrabbling for inspirations and tips to help you draft a killer statement that would grip university admissions’ attention from start to finish. Our first piece of advice is: read on! From what an outstanding personal statement entails to the Don’ts to keep clear from, our sharing will equip you with just the right number of considerations as you are writing your own. So rack your brain no more!

08.10.2021Read More
Why Should Children Start Reading Classics at an Early Age?

Many parents find themselves at the losing end of trying to divert their children’s attention away from screens and social media in favor of getting them to read books instead..

24.09.2021Read More
Oxbridge: More Commonalities than Differences or Vice-Versa? Why Getting This Right Matters to Your Oxbridge Application

Often placed on an equal footing, Oxford and Cambridge – the epitome of prestige, heritage, and all-rounded academic excellence in higher education – are centuries-old close rivals that landing on either would suffice to give parents and students big smiles. Due to the tremendous and ever-increasing amount of applications Oxbridge receive from around the world, however, each applicant can only apply to either university only. When a student’s once-in-a-lifetime shot at applying to Oxbridge comes down to either one or nothing, it becomes all the more important for students and parents to understand the commonalities and differences between Oxford and Cambridge before they embark on their admissions planning and preparation.

23.07.2021Read More
Will SSAT become optional for applicants in Year 2022? How will this affect me, and how should I prepare?

As for US boarding schools, the SSAT (Secondary School Aptitude Test) was optional for the first time in 2021 due to the pandemic. For students who have excellent grades and teacher recommendations but don't test well, SSAT optional can a bit of a bonus, affording them the opportunity to be considered by schools that may have been out of reach if SSAT was required. Others worry about how they can get into a good school without an SSAT score.

11.06.2021Read More
Is the tide changing with single-sex vs co-educational education amongst top UK independent schools? Should it?

Should schools retain the tradition of single-sex education or evolve with time and turn co-ed? Beyond social factors, what is the myriad of considerations parents should take into account when deciding on school type?

28.05.2021Read More
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