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3 Key Considerations on How to Prioritise Between Degree Course and University

These 3 key considerations should help you better choose between degree course and university.

18.04.2023Read More
For US Boarding School Applicants: 5 Tips for Accessing Meaningful Service Work

What type of community service does “count” toward the US boarding school application? Read on to get some expert tips from our US admissions team!

14.04.2023Read More
US Boarding School Results Released: What to Do When Waitlisted?

What are some options? Is there anything you can do? Understanding the timeline and the boarding school decision process works is a starting point for navigating a waitlist and your next steps!

14.03.2023Read More
Experiential Learning – An Emerging Trend In Education?

Why Is Experiential Learning (EL) Important? Today’s world is a dynamic and fast-changing one where employers expect future-ready employees to demonstrate soft skills such as adaptability and empathy as much as specialist knowledge. While it is paramount for students to achieve top academic attainment and undergo an all-rounded, undifferentiated experience as well as elements of fun whilst learning, the overarching consensus amongst schools and educators is that today’s premium education needs to be of close relevance to the future world, in particular, the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

14.12.2022Read More
Should You Pursue The Most Competitive Courses?

Think you can handle the more stringent academic requirements, aptitude tests, and for certain subjects or universities, interviews by dedicating more effort and time to your admissions plan? For aspiring professionals like you, hard work does not end with your undergraduate studies. You will also need a licence to practise.

07.12.2022Read More
Five Steps to Being a Better Writer

Writing is an essential skill in navigating the increasingly more challenging and competitive academic environment. Being able to communicate effectively is a soft skill that is useful in all disciplines and subjects. How can we quickly improve our writing skills? Here are five steps that can help you become a better writer.

30.11.2022Read More
Four Surefire Ways to Improve Your Writing

Students may begin by describing their weekend, expected to use adjectives and imagery to bring past events to life. They may graduate onto writing for different audiences and purposes, a monologue to entertain or an advertisement to persuade perhaps. Both are excellent choices (that you could experience at ARCH), even if we do say so ourselves. Students will be expected to be able to draw on a plethora of literary devices and understand complex grammatical rules as they move up the levels. In order to prepare students to be lifelong learners, engagement and exercise outside the classroom is crucial, whether it be with family, friends or peers. The variety of genres from narrative to argumentative writing will also consolidate a student’s ability to articulate with the pen whether it is for a debate or composing a personal statement. Here are a few tips on improving your writing

23.11.2022Read More
How to Gain a More Vivid Vocabulary

One of the easiest ways to advance your English proficiency quickly is to bolster your lexicon. The English language has an absolute bucketload, a myriad, a multitude, a slew of words to choose from, do you see the point? Each word either with a different meaning or correct environment to be used. To that end, the time you spend improving your vocabulary is time invested in developing your reading and writing skills.

16.11.2022Read More
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