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US Boarding School Application: The Importance of School Involvement & Leadership

While academic performance is undoubtedly important, other factors can also play a significant role in your application. Two of the most important aspects that admissions officers seek are leadership and school involvement.

26.09.2023Read More
Behind the Doors of Oxbridge Interviews

You have written a compelling personal statement, passed any aptitude tests or written assessments with flying colours, and reached the infamous Oxbridge interview stage. Congratulations, but how are you going to ace your life’s most important thirty minutes to date, and what should you do when you are presented with seemingly irrelevant questions in an Oxbridge interview? As cliché and obvious as it may sound, Oxbridge are looking for someone with the academic potential and being the best, if not at least one of the best, in their chosen course. Therefore, any apparently unrelated questions that you could have been asked in the interview are in fact, subject specific.

18.09.2023Read More
How to Budget for Your University Studies?

Whichever university you apply to, there is always the practical need for university budgeting besides admissions planning. Read on to find out how you should kickstart university planning in ways that would allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

14.09.2023Read More
5 Tips to Ease Your Stress on Preparing US Boarding School Interviews

Are you noticing any signs of stress or anxiety in your child as they prepare for their upcoming US boarding school interview? It's understandable for them to feel a bit nervous, but there are things you can do to help ease their concerns. Encourage them to practice their interview skills with you or a trusted friend or family member. Remind them to stay calm and confident and to be themselves during the interview. Reassure them that their hard work and achievements have already gotten them this far and that the interview is another step in the process. With support and guidance, your child can approach their interview with a positive attitude and a sense of preparedness.

05.09.2023Read More
3 Hottest Emerging Subjects in Top London Universities

What makes the next generation of policy experts, business leaders, and economists future-ready and capable of addressing imminent global challenges, ranging from climate change to refugee crises in today’s digital age? Take a look at some of the newly emerging programmes offered by and exclusive to the G5 London universities!

24.07.2023Read More
Imperial vs. LSE vs. UCL – What Are the Differences Between These Top London Universities?

When it comes to choosing the right university – even when the options are down to the London G5 universities – the decision is undoubtedly a daunting one. You might see this prospect applicable only to the competitive and fortunate few who managed to receive offers from the London G5; in truth, knowing their respective scholarly expertise and strategic approach to education matters as early as the stage of admissions preparation.

23.06.2023Read More
3 Things you need to know before applying to US Boarding School

In April, our US Boarding School Consulting team visited 16 boarding schools in New England. During their visits, they caught up with representatives from admissions teams, chatted with current students, and reunited with ARCH alums. Discussing the most recent application cycle with admissions teams was an excellent opportunity to reflect on the latest cohort and trends in the application landscape.

03.06.2023Read More
7 Tips to Get Ready for Your Summer Program

With travel restrictions finally lifted, students are excited to attend boarding school programs in the US this summer. As students prepare for this journey, are there things they should look out for or try to achieve?

30.05.2023Read More
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