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Will SSAT become optional for applicants in Year 2022? How will this affect me, and how should I prepare?

As for US boarding schools, the SSAT (Secondary School Aptitude Test) was optional for the first time in 2021 due to the pandemic. For students who have excellent grades and teacher recommendations but don't test well, SSAT optional can a bit of a bonus, affording them the opportunity to be considered by schools that may have been out of reach if SSAT was required. Others worry about how they can get into a good school without an SSAT score.

11.06.2021Read More
Is the tide changing with single-sex vs co-educational education amongst top UK independent schools? Should it?

Should schools retain the tradition of single-sex education or evolve with time and turn co-ed? Beyond social factors, what is the myriad of considerations parents should take into account when deciding on school type?

28.05.2021Read More
Five Tips to Reading at Home

Developing a good reading habit is crucial in building the literacy foundation for a child. The benefits of reading go beyond the classroom since it can open doors for the child to explore his or her areas interest and to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

05.05.2021Read More
All ECAs in-person have been cancelled in the past year. Surely Admissions Officers will understand, right?”

“When life gives you lemon, make lemonade” is a phrase that American writer Dale Carnegie popularized to encourage people to always look on the bright side and make the most out of an unideal situation. At ARCH, “making lemonade” is a mentality we encourage our students to adopt, especially when you’re facing all the restrictions and curve balls COVID-19 has brought!

23.04.2021Read More
Will College Admissions Officers Look at Your Social Media?

If you’re a high-schooler with access to Internet, the odds are likely that you probably spend precious hours every day on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram... the list seems endless.

04.11.2019Read More
Quick Facts about IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Extended Essay (EE)

Within the IBDP Curriculum, where do the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Extended Essay (EE) belong?

08.10.2019Read More
Your Guide to Declaring the Right Major on US University Applications

Your US university applications sit in front of you while you stare at the box marked “Intended Major”.

25.09.2019Read More
What’s 1 Thing Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton are All Looking for?

Yes. It’s that simple. Okay, maybe not that simple. Of course, grades, test scores, teacher recommendations, and your extra-curricular activities are also very important.

02.08.2019Read More
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