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Catherine Chung

It has been a pleasure working at ARCH. I truly appreciate with everything that I have learned here. This has been invaluable 3 years, and I look back on this time with extreme gratitude. ARCH has been and will always be my first place to look to when I am in the education consulting field. ARCH consultants are passionate and dedicated in what they do, and always helpful in supporting students and parents to aim and achieve their goals. Furthermore, as students receive professional guidance to top schools, they can also rely on ARCH consultants to encourage and enable them to find their own path and to grow as young adolescents.

Roger Dinh

I feel proud to be a part of the ARCH community, a team of dedicated educators who are eager to make a positive impact in our students’ lives. As ‘ARCHERS’ we’re recognized for our unique contributions, yet our greatest achievements are those that we accomplish together as a team. From supporting our students to unlock their intellectual interests to encouraging them to brainstorm innovative ways to make the world around them a ‘better place’; it has been an incredible experience to collaborate with fellow ARCHERS on guiding students to reach their fullest potential. I feel honored that students have entrust us to guide them in their education; I deeply value this responsibility and continually strive to explore ways to better support students in their education journey.

Matthew Leung

As a former student who obtained a full scholarship to study Law at Oxford University with ARCH Education's professional guidance, it was a privilege to work at the institution almost ten years later. The mission of ARCH Education is to help students bridge gaps in their education, and it has been truly impressive to witness first-hand how ARCH Education achieves its mission by helping hundreds of students every year through providing its students with access to top quality academic advisors, tailored advice based on students' strengths and the latest statistics, as well as on-going monitoring to track students' progress. As Assistant Director of Business Development, ARCH Education provided me with the autonomy to plan and execute career programs of my own design. With my previous work experience in the legal industry, I have been very appreciative of the guidance and support that my colleagues provided whenever I required assistance. I also had the privilege to simultaneously act as a Consultant in the UK University Admissions team, which enabled me to gain an in-depth knowledge on the university admissions process and different academic pathways for secondary school students. Working at ARCH Education has provided me with valuable insight as to how a top-tier education institution in Hong Kong operates, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Taylor Coplen

My time at ARCH has been transformative. From the support I have received from my colleagues to the excitement of guiding students towards their dreams, my experience here has been incredibly rewarding. By equipping me with rigorous training and providing me the freedom and flexibility to generate new ideas for the company, ARCH empowered me to truly make an impact. Every discussion with a colleague or meeting with a student challenged me to think in radically new ways. I feel confident that my time here has made me a better teacher, a better team member, and, ultimately, a better person. 

Margeaux Perkins

Working at ARCH has been a dream. I love having supportive colleagues who I can really collaborate on projects with and rely on to help me when things get challenging. It’s important to me that I not only respect and get along with my co-workers, but that we work together well as a team. The work at ARCH has always been stimulating and I appreciate that my potential is always recognized and encouraged. I am able to work with management to create realistic goals that support my intended career path and gain experience in a variety of areas of interest. The flexibility granted to me has been especially wonderful and I know that the management team trusts me and my work. 

Sean Massa

Working at ARCH, I feel privileged to watch students explore their interests, discover their passions, and grow as emerging leaders. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with our students one-on-one through passion projects that help them develop a strategic profile – exploring interests that range from WWII history to Refugee art projects. During the essay brainstorming process, I am grateful to listen to students and help them realize the golden threads that have permeated through their various passions and activities, whether they are emerging scientists, entrepreneurs, or diplomats.  I am fortunate to help them refine their potential as part of their educational journey.

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