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03.04.2023 - 06.04.2023 View Detail
Webinar RSVP: New Digital SAT - Understanding the Changing Testing Landscape

Join ARCH’s education services and US counseling teams at the webinar, where we will walk through the new SAT’s key changes in timing, structure, content, and technique.

25.03.2023 - 25.03.2023 View Detail
Webinar RSVP: US Boarding School Admissions Results

Our team will share thoughts and experience of the 2023 application season and insights as we look ahead to 2024!

25.03.2023 - 25.03.2023 View Detail
Webinar RSVP: US University Applicants - Summer Planning

Plan ahead for a Productive Summer!

18.03.2023 - 18.03.2023 View Detail
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