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Private Tutoring Special Offer: Free Trial Lesson plus 20% Discount!

Enjoy the year-end offers by signing up on or before Nov 30

16.11.2022 Read More
Prepare for Oxbridge Online Interviews with Current and Former Academics and Graduates from Oxbridge!

Oxbridge interviews are just round the corner, taking place in late November and early December!

26.10.2022 Read More
2021/2022 UK Boarding School Admissions Results

Congratulations to ARCH students on receiving multiple offers from top UK boarding schools. 92% of our students received offers from their top 3 school choices*!

19.08.2022 Read More
Last Call For 2023-Entry Applicants Targeting Top UK Universities

The final months of your UCAS application can be a game changer as to whether you will seize offers from your aspired universities for your chosen courses! Make them count as it's now or never!

10.08.2022 Read More
Prepare for new academic Year! Sign up to enjoy the promotion discount Now!

Join in ARCH’s Skills Enrichment Programs to boost your grammar, vocab and language skills!

29.07.2022 Read More
Missed Your Grades In IB? Looking For An Alternative Route? 1-Year Fast-Track A-Level Program

Missed your grades in IB and looking for an alternative route? Our experienced university admissions consultants provide professional, objective and tailored advice to hundreds of families each year and help them plan the next best move.

07.07.2022 Read More
2021/22 UK University Admissions Results

ARCH students continue to achieve stellar results for applications to top UK universities in yet another unprecedented admissions cycle! Schedule a 1-on-1 consultation meeting with our team of G5 consultants to prepare ahead!

30.06.2022 Read More
Summer Medic Series (Jul - Aug 2022) | For Ages 7 - 17

Eager to pursue medicine at university? Look no further than our Summer Medic Series – an array of exclusive and unprecedented opportunities geared towards to nurturing tomorrow’s doctors!

23.06.2022 Read More
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