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Develop your passion of Mandarin and the Chinese culture!

Mini Mandarins

Since 2014, Mini Mandarins has helped many students to learn Mandarin with its innovative award-winning situational learning curriculum. Being regarded as Hong Kong’s best language learning centre*, featuring a thematic real-life simulated “Mini Metro” classroom, children are fully immersed with practical use of language to develop their love for Chinese culture across the continuum of conversing, reading and creative writing.

*Sassy Mama HK, Hong Kong Living & Expat Living since 2018


Our programs integrate three key elements:


With smaller class size, our teacher will give more personal attention to each child in the group course. Students will focus on listening and oral speaking, with elements of writing and recognition of Chinese characters to develop a stronger foundation for your child’s mastery of Mandarin. 


With the vocabulary under their belts, children are ready to apply what they’ve learnt into practice mode.  To achieve this, our centre is designed with a spacious role-play area called “Mini Metro” where every child has an opportunity to learn Chinese through guided role-play in real life settings. 


Practice is the essential key to master a new language. We provide an interactive and fun language environment to ignite students’ curiosity and interesting learning!  

Please contact us to discuss how we can help. 


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